October 11, 2017

1099 Rothschilds Crime syndicate has built on 1,000+ years of criminal PERVERSIONS & DEVIATIONS as defined in the Babylonian Talmud and later the Magical Mystical Kabbala. The secret Knights Templar Mercenary and Bankster order followed these same Satanic pagan perversions and now infect the Freemasons and other secret organizations that rule UK, Swiss, Israel, USA, and virtually all of the WEST.

1770s British Rothschilds Crime Syndicate follows pagan Kabbalist lust for greed and power. THE mob of vile criminals use Bankster instigated faked wars since instigating the American & French Revolutions to ROB WEALTH from humanity. They employ excuses like saving humanity, democracy, equality, and freedom which they completely oppose in their GRANDIOSE “DIVINE RIGHT” power beliefs. These criminals believe they are a Satanic Royal Elite Bloodline who believe they are the Chosen Master Race. They believe they were assigned by their perverted pagan GOD to Rule the WORLD in a TOTAL DICTATORSHIP over an imposed serfdom dominating over a mass of slaves.

1933 Retired Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler exposed the Bankster Plot against the United States to create a Fascist State with overthrow. Butler testified before the United States House of Representatives Special Committee on Un-American Activities but no one was Prosecuted. The Bankster Plot included Cronyism Corporatism, Zionism & Nazism & Freemasonism & Communism & Warmongerism & Israelism & even Capitalism as tools of DIVIDE & CONQUER & eventually WORLD DICTATORSHIP and they funded every side of every conflict & every divisive party.

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1954 Bilderberg Group = Annual Conferences of 120 to 150 people of the European and North American Political Elite including Black Venetian Nobility & Banksters organized by Black Nobility leader in Prince Bernhard. They believe they are from a Satanic Royal Elite Bloodline who believe they are the Chosen Master Race. The Venetians Black Nobility took over the Netherlands and then used William of Orange III for the Black Nobility takeover of England in 1500s-1600s and the Rothschilds were part of the Crime Syndicate of secretive societies and cabals. These Kabbalists pretend to be Christians but are pagan evil that have no scruples or morales and employ mass murders and every kind of evil ever imagined to gain. Wealth and Control. Americans’ usefulness to this MOB will soon end (they will destroy Americans) when the last few CENTRAL BANKS ARE established in North Korea & Iran & Syria.

TODAY: The Rothschilds are the center of this Corporate Monopoly Crime Syndicate and run all western governments and world agencies like U.N. & World Bank & BIS & CIA/Mossad/MI6/CFR & Secret pagan SOCIETIES. Americans & Europeans are their next targets of destruction by these Evil Pagan Elitists employing every horrifying trick in their centuries old book of greed & domination. They use tools like AIPAC to capture American Government and its officials, and have done nearly exactly the same things across Europe using bribery, threats, blackmail, and murders. They are the carriers of death and evil against the 99+% as demonstrated by 911 and so many added False Flags. They have no qualms against mass murdering False Flags to create CHAOS, WARS, and rob freedoms and wealth IN A COMPLETELY RIGGED SYSTEM THEY DESIGNED over millennium.

2017 These criminals pretend Russia is the great evil and even setup North Korea and China as the demonized enemies as excuses for more Faked Wars in their Grandiose conquest for World Dictatorship.



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