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  1. Jasper says:

    On their own, many of the Mandalay Bay videos and reports suggesting multiple shooters posted on alternative news websites have been quite convincing. But if you put lots of them together on one single post, collectively they justify at the very least some sort of official investigation or inquest. The circumstantial evidence is overwhelming. Here then, is my selection of relevant videos and posts.

    1. https://youtu.be/gpMrm1xUJ40
    The official LVPD audio files as the event unfolded.
    Key points of interest are:
    1:00 minute mark “We have an active shooter inside the fairground.”
    3:35 minute mark “Shots are coming from Gate 7”
    14:45 minute mark “We have civilians here saying there may have been 3 shooters”
    17:50 minute mark “shots fired on 29 and 32nd”
    19:20 minute mark: “At least 2 shooters with fully automatic weapons”
    25:50 and 26:20 minute marks: Reports of a black Chevy leaving the area in a hurry.
    35:40 and 37:10 minute marks: Reports of a suspect man wearing fatigues and carrying a black bag leaving in a white RV.
    46:50 minute mark: An officer confirming that there are 2 shooting locations.

    2. https://youtu.be/TFsQg9OUnYo
    Shooter in the crowd video.

    Eyewitness reports of multiple shooters – not just at Mandalay Bay.

    4. https://youtu.be/nbBEBzij1BE
    Excellent audio analysis of Mandalay Bay taxi driver footage.

    Hotel Bellagio lockdown following lobby windows being shot out.

    6. https://jonrappoport.wordpress.com/2017/10/03/more-than-one-vegas-shooter-the-evidence-builds/
    Analysis of how an untrained shooter managed to hit an average of 2.1 people per second.

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