Praying On One Knee To Their God And Master: Donald Trump!

Thomas Sheridan observes that for some reason only known to themselves, there are people all round the world who deem Donald Trump at the epicentre of and responsible for everything that is wrong in their lives. He is the devil to them, and yet Donald Trump has done nothing to them personally.
Because they have been socially engineered and mind controlled.
There are people expressing signs of extreme mental illness.

He’s the most interesting and entertaining President of all time simply because he’s fired up millions of psychotic and unhinged people.
It’s really funny to watch – I find it tremendously entertaining (NPP: me too!)

The hate has turned him into a living God. They’ve poured so much psychic energy into him. all it’s done is fed him.

And the proof? They are now praying down on one knee to their supreme master and they don’t even realise what they are doing. That is sorcery.

The Tactical Sorcery of President Donald Trump


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