Police aggression against anti-fracking community gets out of hand

Despite the FACT that FRACKING is effectively BANNED in Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland, due to concerns regarding the risks of Ecological Contamination; Theresa May regards the UK Anti-Fracking Community as ‘DOMESTIC EXTREMISTS’ … a label which appears to give the Police a mandate to use increasingly Gratuitous Aggression against PEACEFUL PROTESTERS.
Kevin Blowe, the founder of Independent Police Monitoring Organisation (NetPol), shares his thoughts and recommendations for ways in which the Public should respond.

Published on Oct 7, 2017

With Kevin Blowe of NetPol.  www.netpol.org is a great website for people involved in the anti-fracking campaign.  The Police blag about what they are entitled to do.  They are abusing their uniform.

Picture of Police deliberately using pain pressure points at 41 minutes, followed by video and recordings of police inflicting gratuitous injuries on demonstrators who were doing nothing other than filming, photographing and observing.  People filming and photographing are being targeted, arrested and charged with obstruction.  This is a new development, and contrary to rules.  ACPO guidance is clear.  Followed by film of Ian Crane’s arrest where he was not obstructing the highway as stated, but keeping out of the way filming  – watch at 50 minutes.  Crane was assaulted and he says he is taking this further with North Yorkshire Police.  Police held him a stress position despite his not resisting arrest in any way.

At 58 minutes the filming tower episode is described.  North Yorkshire Police called out the Fire Service to remove the platform.  The Scarborough Fire Service refused to handle the cradle.  NY Police then summoned a rescue crew to handle the cradle.  The Fire Service say they were disgusted to be put in the position by the Police and senior Fire Service managers, of undermining the anti-fracking community, providing law and order intervention, when their role is purely humanitarian.  The Fire Service Union is threatening strike action if they are put into this position again by their managers. (1 hour into video).

What impression do North Yorkshire police think they are creating in their local community?  Third Energy are in regular contact with the Police.  Third Energy are writing Police Press releases.  The fiction that Police are standing in the middle, holding a balance between the parties is nonsense.  They are a corporate enforcement force.  Local people are starting to see what kind of Police they have.  Support at Kirby Misperton by local people is growing a rate of knots, being aided by the outrageous behaviour of the Police.  This is galvanising people to fight back.

The Police are meant to be a public service protecting freedoms of the people, and this needs to be re-established.  People need to understand their basic rights, and know how to ask under what power they are being attacked, arrested and pushed around.  People need to get clued up fast.

Police complaints should be put in writing.  It’s hard to get Police forms to complain.  There are problems with the complaints system and the Police will try to put you off.  They will also claim in public they are getting very few complaints from the public.  Local lawyers are offering free assistance to people who want to write complaints against the POlice.  The Police are trying to file complaints by policing of fracking separately so they don’t skew their statistics.

Theresa May hasn’t got the cojones to pull the threat of fracking so this battle will escalate.  People are part of a movement, and are not alone.  They can help from Police violence.  Third Energy and Ineos are the targets of the campaign, not the Police.  Police have little knowledge about fracking and are being sent in out of ignorance.

Inspector John Hodgeon at 1.15 – is North Yorkshire head of fraud and economic crime, fronting for Third Energy who should be in liquidation.  Fracking is a Ponzi scheme which the head of fraud is fronting.


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