Ole Dammegard interview on the Vegas shooting

Published on Oct 7, 2017

In a rush this week, we have Ole Dammegard back to break down the latest tragedy, the Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting. Of course, because of Ole’s continued work dissecting false flags and terror events, he is one of the first to recognize elements at play that seem to follow the same template – a template that suggests these are highly planned and coordinated events, rather than the work of random, unmotivated, lone attackers.

Our deepest sympathies to anyone who has experienced pain and loss due to such an event. To me, digging deeper into things that seem suspicious and inconsistent with media reports, is the best and most honorable thing we can do, short of going back in time. I know if I died in one of these situations, the last thing I’d want is for it to be a false flag situation that isn’t properly investigated.

That said, what you’re getting here is a conversation about elements that don’t seem to add up, or contain strange symbolism/foreshadowing. We also discuss the major alternative theories and motivations. This is largely a synthesis of what we’re seeing so far, all alleged, and not everything can be fully vetted at this time. All we can do is examine it, and try our best to seek the truth. This isn’t fear porn. This isn’t capitalizing on a tragedy.

pre 30 minutes – stephen paddock details.  possible same man as Sandy Hook crisis actor.

30 minutes in – shoes off, open shirts, one leg exposed are symbols of Freemasonic connection.  Referring to rituals.  Colours too.  No communication needed. They communicate using symbols to each other.

33 minutes – Gofundme page – man walking in his socks with his boots in his hand.

Interview of young couple describing people killed with no emotion.  Man asked what happened.  He says he lost his shoe.  Reporter asks him to describe how he lost his shoe.

36 minutes – Eyewitnesses of alleged terror attacks – they tend to have contact with media, sport or government – from either US or NATO countries.  They use the same people as crisis actors in events in their own country, then they are used as witnesses in other countries other than their own.

37 minutes – night of shooting showed army trailers at Mandalay Bay the day before the event.  The Army equivalent of crisis actors showing horrific injuries – maybe make-up.  Security drill called ‘Capstone’.

Several predictions about what was going to go down.  Either a distraction, or genuine leaking trying to help people.   It was predicted by one source that the next event will be Vegas, designed to show that large venues are not safe.  Sheldon Addleson? role in pushing X Ray machines to Trump next day after the event.  Problem Reaction Solution.  This agenda is now being pushed massively.  Terror threat so high that schools, supermarkets will be forced to instal body scanners.

Body scanners are not harmless.  Some can change your DNA according to some researchers.  42 minutes.  You can opt out of body scanners at airports by the way.  He describes what happens when he refuses body scanners.  ‘Matter of principle’.  Back scatter machines.  Blow you up from the inside.  Icon of the pose you are to assume, holding up your hands – a pyramid with a circle at the top of the pyramid.  Illuminati symbol.

47 minutes.  Brussels airport event totally debunked.  Event being used to justify installation of backscatter machines in Houston.  The perpetrators are identified.  Transported around different countries carrying out the exact same thing in different cities…terror.  People in police uniform are no necessarily police.  SwAT team members could be actors.  Like a theatre show being played out in front of our eyes.  The aim is to pump out the terror thing through the media so we accept their removal of all our freedoms.

51 minutes – pyramids and obelisks in pictures at events.  these are often installed at assassinations/terror events to instil fear.  At Vegas right next to attack, the pyramid and the obelisk at the Luxor Hotel.  People were hurt, he has been told by friends he trusts at Vegas.  who benefits?

54 minutes – Between one and seven shooters.  It took 72 minutes for the Police to get up there.  The quality of these operations are awful.  It is ridiculous.  Millions of people are waking up on a daily basis.  ‘Pack it up,’ says Ole, to the perpetrators.  The super rich have a big black hole in their centre, nothing but fear of the masses, who are awakening.  Instead share what you have.  Get out and help the world.  The game is over.  Give it up.  His website is  www.lightonconspiracies.com

59 minutes – suggestions as to how to adapt once you know what is happening.  work from the heart.  get fit.  may the light of truth overcome all darkness.  use your gift.  use your skill to lift your neighbourhood.  everybody is needed.  become creative and join us.

Ole finishes at 1 hr.

1 hr 5 minutes – Singer at Vegas had tattoo of Illuminati card game with letters LV.  False flag videos being driven off Youtube.  Other curious media linkages to the Vegas event. People did die at Vegas.   It was a highly manipulated false event, but not a hoax.  Sandy Hook, for example, was a completely manipulated hoax with no deaths.  But now they run false events and also kill people.  The elite don’t give a f… about killing people.   It’s all treated as a game by the elites. Death of Tom Petty covered briefly.

Sarah Brady PR involved with events.  A nexus of strange events she seems to be involved with.

MGM Resorts international.  Top people selling MGM stock.  There is a Mandalay Bay camp at Bohemian Grove.  Freemasons have a Mandalay club too.  The Grove has Vegas connections.  Saudi Arabia owns the floors above the 32nd floor in Mandalay Bay Hotel.

Jon Rapaport – gun control not the only target of the Vegas event.  also assembly of large groups hits the economy, hits free speech.  more powers to Police.  High security equipment manufacturers are to benefit from this event.  scanners to be expanded to all major events.  elite are in connection with dark entities, and more interesting stuff at the end.






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