‘No deal’ Brexit in 2019. What’s next?

I knew this character (Jim Carver) when I was a UKIP candidate and activist in 2001 (Shrewsbury & Atcham).  He was already a party fixer going round all the constituencies enforcing ‘discipline’ with authority coming from ‘somewhere’.  The new UKIP leader Henry Bolton (former Liberal Democrat) is now joined by Jim Carver (former SDP – forerunners of the Liberal Democrats) as Deputy Leader.  The takeover of the party by MI5 is blatant.  They used to hang around in the background, but not any more.

Our West Midlands MEP Jim with his Cockney accent, is saying a ‘no deal’ Brexit is inevitable in 2019.  What comes after that, he asks?  Everyone in Brussels just shrugs their shoulders.  They smile and say nothing, he claims.

What might happen?

I imagine another fall in Sterling would be likely.  Petrol prices would soar along with inflation of other basic necessities, using Brexit as the excuse. Interest rates would be raised, and the economy grind to a halt.  More people on food stamps.  More people sleeping rough.  Crime to rise.  Stock markets to fall.

The idea would be that the British population would be begging for deliverance, to be allowed back into the EU.  That would be offered, but not immediately and only on full membership terms, with Sterling to end, to be fixed to the Euro at parity, and no other opt outs.  We are already being subsumed into the European Army (UK Column points out).  Brussels would then be able to close the political exit, and send us to war.

Are we prepared for a longer drawn out Brexit struggle?

Will Boris Johnson be funnelled to the fore to act as Britain’s newest Churchillian figure?  What will be in his script?

Is Owen Paterson being readied as his Deputy?

Will they patch up relations with Moscow?  Get out of NATO’s endless illegal wars?  Unlikely.  The bankers always want more war, not less.   The supreme trap is being set. Traditional and independent Britain is being set up to fail, both in war and in peace, along with the rest of Europe.  China and Russia to rise.  We have never needed to be independent more urgently than right now.

But will voters still have enough fight left in them to vote UKIP?   Labour is already anti-Brexit although few have noticed the change in policy since the last election.  The Conservatives have shown as much determination as puppies rolling on their backs.  UKIP might surge, and finally Britain get some UKIP MPs.  The fixing of seats to block UKIP might end, now the Party is safely in the hands of MI5.  Farage might arrive in Westminster, if he stands, surrounded by others controlled by the bankers.  A UKIP/Conservative coalition?

The bankers need not fear.  Their UKIP men are in place.  If there’s any tendency to real independence, Henry and Jim’ll fix it.  They’ll make it sound like resistance all the way.



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