No Child Abuse In Westminster. Nothing To See. Move On.

The Heath report is published, yet Melanie Shaw remains in Theresa May’s jail and there is never anything to see here despite conference claims by May that she will always address child abuse..
UK Column News – 5th October 2017
Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s news update from the UK Column.

Theresa May’s speech? A road accident.
Words stolen from West Wing. Cough stolen from Hillary Clinton. What are the Tories going to do? Boris?

The BBC put the spin on Inspector Mike Veale his Heath Report
Pre-emptive attacks upon Veale
Sir Edward Heath ‘would have been questioned’ over abuse claims
Victoria Derbyshire interviews Heath’s godson on TV. Every time it’s child abuse, it’s a Victoria Derbyshire gig.

Que Ted Heath’s Chief Whip Tim Fortescue BBC video…
Tim Fortescue from ‘Westminster’s Secret Service’ BBC 1995
There are numerous precedent cases e.g.
I was raped at the aged of 4 by Scots Tory MP who was one of Margaret Thatcher’s closest allies
Whistle-blower John Wedger not been supported.
Theresa May
Cressida Dick
Brandon Lewis
Mike Penning all completely unhelpful.
General message: a report based on the information of a handful of fantasists. UKC show how the whole report is being packaged as a nonsense.
Theresa May – how about Melanie Shaw? Beechwood Children’s Home!

Surprisingly interesting take by The Guardian.
Edward Heath inquiry: MP attacks ‘chilling’ campaign against police
Andrew Bridgen, the MP for North-West Leicestershire, who has been briefed on the findings, said he supported the work of Wiltshire police and its chief constable Mike Veale.
“The unprecedented negative and constant barrage on Veale and his investigative team, I find it quite chilling. Many will think it is an attempt to derail, silence and discredit the investigation before the report has been delivered,” he said.
“Having spoken to Chief Constable Veale, if anything they, have erred on the side of being fair to Edward Heath throughout. They have learned from previous investigations and I believe the report will stand up to scrutiny.”

Download the Heath report:
Statement from Chief Constable Mike Veale – Operation Conifer Summary Closure Report

Wiltshire police have been criticized over the report on Edward Heath… 10pm BBC news opening headline.
‘Staggering claims…” report the BBC
“You have tainted an innocent man…” accuse the BBC to Mike Veale’s face.

BBC: An unedited version will be submitted to top secret archives!
The reporting was ridiculously slanted against Wiltshire Police.

If the government get away with a cover-up. we the public are to blame because the information has now been made public. It’s up to us to insist it is used.


Anyway, don’t worry, there’s a saviour for Catalonia. Tony Blair is being mentioned as a mediator. Yes, he won’t go away.
Tony Blair could step into Catalonia crisis as he’s tipped to be MEDIATOR for Spain

The hawks still gunning for Syria,
Our ‘Enemies’ Are Winning Syria’s Future

Brian is scathing about the Jacob Rees Mogg speech to Bruges group:

He talks of €U military.
He talks of free speech while his party implements surveillance and censorship left right and centre.

Brian made me think twice about Mogg. He’s in complete dreamland or vicious and duplicitous.

There’s too much free speech on the internet.
‘Unacceptable!’ RT pulled from YouTube prime ad list in US without notice

Europol: crime priority: child sexual exploitation online
Mike: this looks like another attack on the internet. Child exploitation is not their priority nor of €uropean countries.

More mental health investigation… UK Column frequently deal with people having a hard time under Theresa May’s Conservative Britain.
UKC have 2 homeless people staying in a car in their forecourt.

Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson are despicable.


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