Nathan Stolpman banned on Youtube since the Vegas takedown now on Twitch

A lot of channels were taken down after the Vegas psyop.

Nathan knew his time on Youtube would be limited.

His second Youtube channel Lift The Veil Too was indeed blocked after Vegas (LTV Too was launched when Lift The Veil was blocked on Youtube earlier).

Not all his views and ideas are easy to follow, but he’s a key broadcaster, analyst and interviewer in the alternative media.

His website is, where he sells LTV T shirts to raise money to live on.

He’s now on Steemit, Twitch and D Tube.

I’ve managed to watch him on Twitch broadcasting from London where he currently is enjoying the parks and the wet weather, struggling a little with the English accents of the viewers who call his show.

Here is his latest London broadcast, but I can’t embed it as yet.

Maybe Mike can find a way to do that.  Mike?

Meantime click the link.  He seems in optimistic mood, saying that the important thing about Vegas was that so many people are now awakening, and the mass deception isn’t working any more.  More real news is spilling out.   Obama selling the US uranium stocks to the Russians.  Weinstein being exposed for assaulting movie stars.  This kind of thing never made the mainstream at one time.  If the silent majority stops being silent, things start to move.

Above picture shows Nathan in his California garage studio with Doshi his cat, before he came to pedocrime central (The UK).

Title of link – Clinton’s in Trouble – James Comey & Russian Uranium




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