Napa fires were the result of secret US Military energy weapons tested in a live environment

Strange when it comes to these California wildfires that the media is so SILENT when it comes to the survivors & victims.
I mean so far I haven’t seen any blood donations, food, water, medicine, blanket drives, no GoFundMe pages,nothing~
I have a friend who says: Why would they? The internal burning tree, gas station evidence, and other stuff makes it a test-case. Just pretend Napa is the Nevada desert in early ‘testing’.

Instead of nuclear it is energy weapons.
Which is why the MSM blackout. The test is done. They know it works. They CAN do selective targeting and leave certain designated/programmed areas untouched in the large pattern grid~


• Napa fires were the result of secret US Military energy weapons tested in a live environment
• Select targets were omitted in the strike to see if important installations (like nuclear power plants, bio-research facilities, chemical plants, and other targets which would cause a mass extinction event should they be hit) could be protected from the coordinated attack
• The energy weapon attack looks similar to that of a nuclear bomb detonation (See Hiroshima pictures) – Note the trees and after buildings compared to Napa
• Consider, should the United States need a Gulf of Tonkin or Pearl Harbor incident to invade North Korea, it would be an attack on the West Coast with a pretend NK ‘Nuclear Missile’
• US uses it own energy weapons, destroys a city such as LA or a rural town (blaming an off-course missile set to hit LA), they show the energy weapon footage and we have immediate reason (And global moral authority to invade: just like Afghanistan/Iraq)
• Energy weapons are better than using stolen nuke because they have no signature and propaganda can be fit to the narrative easily without secondary damage like that which would be cause by hitting a nuclear plant in which the reactor has no time to SCRAM.

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  1. baron says:

    The only fly in the ointment is nuclear weapons do not work. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were fire bombed like Tokyo. All photos and videos of nuclear explosions are easily proven fake.

    • sovereigntea says:

      LOL – If that were the case then why have Netanyahu and his gang gone to so much trouble to obtan them ?

      PS the US gave … yes gave the Netanyahu gang an airborne development platform with a “death ray”
      capability, there is footage available of some subhuman as Bibi would see it Palestinians being toasted.

  2. sovereigntea says:

    Whodunnit ?


    “Friends of Israel,” within the US defense community were convinced by Israel that the system could be finished and deployed to protect Israel against a purported “missile onslaught” from Tehran.

    In truth, there was no such intention. Instead, as in the film “Real Genius,” the laser system was always intended to be deployed against ground targets, for terrorism and assassinations. The “delivery system,” a Boeing airliner configured for AWAC, electronic warfare or refueling, could easily be modified to “clone” commercial air traffic and attack targets thousands of miles away or as close as Gaza, Lebanon, Syria or Iraq with total impunity.

    Israel’s Raphael announces acquisition of a high energy laser system and credits an unnamed relationship with Boeing from the video below taken from the Raphael press release:

    The use of energy weapons for assassinations and terrorism had, prior to only a few short days ago, been subject of speculative fiction only. No one had imagined that a failed American weapons system would be pirated for deployment in acts of terrorism by a rogue state.

    A greater question arises, if this “failed system” costing many billions has been shipped off “in the dark of night” without public knowledge or official authorization for use in a criminal manner, what other systems may have been similarly pirated?

    There is conclusive evidence that W54/Davy Crocket nuclear weapons made their way to Israel after 1991 after an
    accident at Dimona is reputed to have made that facility useless for weapons development.

    Similarly, when the Ukraine retired its “fleet” of SS21 tactical nuclear missiles, Israel took possession of the warheads, servicing their deuterium booster gas all these years to keep them ready for deployment. Intercepted communications between the Kiev junta and Israel now indicate that Israel is ready to “repatriate” some of these nuclear weapons to the Ukraine for use against pro-Russian separatists. Ukrainian leaders have spoken of the intent to deploy and use these nuclear weapons publicly on several recent occasions. From USA Today:

    Do note how Google/Jigsaw/Youtube doers of evil have censored much related content.

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