Milk? (Food Documentary) – Real Stories

Published on Jul 21, 2017

Milk is about a basic food in our diet, a food so fundamental that its value for our health often goes unquestioned. Using engaging storytelling through endearing characters and beautiful visuals, this documentary aims to investigate the case for milk as a nutritious food. Is milk good for us or not? We interview prominent and compelling figures in this debate, ranging from government officials, industry experts, biologists, anti-milk activists, raw milk advocates and an endearing milk-loving dairy farmer in our quest to elucidate the matter and illuminate lesser-known arguments about milk. As recent food documentaries such as Food Inc, King Corn and Fresh have shown, our society has a complex relationship with our food that often goes unexamined, perhaps to our own detriment.
The average person is increasingly socially and politically aware, hungry for knowledge and particularly eager to consume information that is presented in an entertaining manner and with a touch of humour. This documentary strives to deliver all of this and more, using strong characters to build a story. Key characters will be used to engage viewers in the human stories behind their views and for some, their extensive campaigns for change. The content will focus on Canada and North America, but will also make comparisons with other countries regarding attitudes towards milk consumption and dairy policies.

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  1. alison says:

    Surely it stands to reason, cow’s milk is divinely designed to nurture Baby Cows, NOT humans!

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