Media ignores sex crimes of the powerful

Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood producer, is in
the news big time right now.His crime? Assaulting women.Here’s ANOTHER  story came and went, and it merits closer
examination, but the news media let it slide.Jeffrey Epstein is an incredibly wealthy man –
and no one can explain how he made his

He is good friends with both Donald Trump and
Bill Clinton (he’s flown them on his private airliner
to his private island in the Bahamas for “fun and games.”)

He’s been accused of and has pleaded guilty to crimes
against children.

The media on this one? Out to lunch – but we’re not.

Jeffrey Epstein, Donald Trump and the Clintons


In this episode, we are joined by private investigator and host of The Opperman Report, Ed Opperman. Ed and I explore the mysterious case of billionaire pedophile Jeffery Epstein. We discuss the basics of the case: how the investigation was started down in Palm Beach, how Epstein evaded serious jail time and charges, and the way in which the media has portrayed his brave victims. Ed examines the strange background of Epstein. He explains how this poor kid from Coney Island was somehow able to rise to opulent wealth and power. Focusing on Epstein’s connections, from Bear Stearns to ponzi-schemer Steven Hoffenberg, Ed breaks down his meteoric rise to protected pedophile and blackmailer of the elite. Ed and I also analyze the reality of the ongoing civil lawsuit against Epstein, and how the victims in this lawsuit are actually winning! Later we discuss the various movers and shakers that remain in Epstein’s orbit, including Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Alan Dershowitz, Chris Tucker, Jean Luc-Brunel, Ghislaine Maxwell and many more.

We then consider how the Epstein case fits into the larger narrative of pedophile rings and professional blackmail. Ed and I take a look at the Franklin Cover-Up and Henry Vinson’s case as earlier examples. We end by reviewing how the alternative media has covered the Epstein case, and how it has really dropped the ball in its investigation. We point out the serious lack of respect and dignity given to victims such as Virginia Roberts, who has been shamed and attacked by the alt-media in much the same way that the mainstream media has, and how these sorts of cases are covered in an exploitative way, designed to titillate, rather than in a mature, investigative way.

This is a long episode with a lot of detail on a case that both us feel very strongly about — a case that has not received the scrutiny it deserves form the media in general. I strongly encourage listeners to go through the documents linked in the show notes and explore this case for yourselves.

Published on Aug 19, 2016

On today’s show I mostly go solo and talk about some recent updates with the Jeffrey Epstein case. I describe the police video from inside Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion which was recently released to Jose Lambiet of Gossip Extra. I talk about the strange things inside the house including pictures of Epstein with babies, the Pope and Fidel Castro. I discuss some of my ideas as to why Epstein is pictured with babies and toddlers in so many of the pictures. I also talk about Epstein’s connections to the Clinton Global Initiative, including his own admission that he was one of the original founders. In the second hour we are joined by Jose Lambiet of Gossip Extra to discuss the police video and his own work on the case. We talk about how Epstein was able to fly under the radar in Palm Beach. Jose talks about the Trump Mar-a-Lago connections, and the buzz during and after the Epstein case became public knowledge. I finish off by talking about Conchita Sarnoff’s alleged expose of Epstein, TraffiKing, and the shady people surrounding her.

– Brasscheck TV

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