Mandalay taxi driver video. Watch it before it’s taken down.

This filmer, a female taxi driver, asks why are people not running when the automatic fire goes off?  Why are they all just standing there, she asks, as she drives around the hotel hearing shots.  Why are the taxi drivers just sitting in their taxis?   ‘This is weird,’ she says, laughing.  ‘Where are the cops at?’ she asks.  ‘Everything just seems to be normal here.’

‘I don’t know why people aren’t leaving.  Everybody’s just standing around.  It’s insane.’  She tries shouting to hotel guests to get out of the way.  They just stand there.

‘Alright,’ she says ‘This is crazy.’  Then she decides to go after an advisory from her radio control.  Laughing.  Totally can;t work out what’s going on.

She then (later on) films people reacting and running around, but that’s well after the shooting finished.  All so silent.  Cops then swarm in.

‘This is insane,’ she repeats over and over.  Laughing again and again despite the gunfire.  Nothing to convince her it’s a real event despite being right at the centre of it all.

Then a casualty climbs into his cab, shocked, panicked, pleading a broken leg wanting to be evacuated.  They ask to be taken to their hotel.  She asks, not the hospital?

Woman passenger in taxi says on phone call ‘there was a man shooting at us.’

QUESTION – How does she know it was a man?

She keeps repeating ‘ dead bodies everywhere.’

‘It was an AR’ , says the passenger.  ‘What’s an AR? asks the driver.  ‘An automatic rifle.’

That sounds like someone with too much knowledge to be a casual witness.

‘I don’t think it’s a joke any more,’ says the driver.

Yet somehow the whole thing’s weird and not convincing, as if the passengers in the taxi were a part of the psyop.

They asked to go back to the Luxor Hotel, which the driver refused to do, to go back to the strip.  Why would they want to go there?  If they were crisis actors going back to their base, job done, that would fit.  One of the passengers offers her $100.  Where did he get the money?

If they had a broken leg, as they claimed, why would they not want to go to a hospital?

The people in the taxi recount terrible things but show no emotion – just very factual.  No crying or shock in their voices.

‘Take us to any hotel.  No need for a hospital,’ the passengers say.

The broken leg thing is long forgotten by the time they go.

Stranger still the taxi driver then appears on CNN as a witness to the terror attack, looking shocked and her face a picture, by now totally convinced she had been a witness to a big terror atrocity.  But going back to the actual event she saw, she was laughing in disbelief at the lack of reaction from all the people in the hotel while the gunfire was going on. They just stood there not moving.  Then she was half joking with the ‘victims’ in her taxi not sure if it was real or not.  Only afterwards when the whole media thing descended on her did she buy the story.

The people being interviewed next on CNN are even less convincing as witnesses.  This whole thing is starting to look very false.


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