2 Responses to “Mainstream media goes after Police chief who’s certain Heath was a pedocriminal”

  1. NPP says:

    This one case illustrates perfectly my country is run by genuinely despicable deplorables.

    Mike Veale, You are an immense character and your critics here pathetic.

  2. emm jay says:

    I would be ashamed to be associated with the ‘germalist’ that produced that ‘article’. It’s insidious on many levels, not least the opening description (and inference thereof) of Mike Veale appearing to be wearing ‘a light dusting of make up’. Oh purlease! A shout out to the writer, ffs, grow up man … I could not stomach reading the whole piece. Shame on you.

    This is a brave and big deal for Mike Veale to take on, so where will he go from here? I can only hope from strength to strength.

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