Is Trump the World’s Most Dangerous Man?

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His words and mannerisms are telling. His deplorable actions explain best.

The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump,” published this week, includes opinions from over two dozen mental health experts.

They found “overwhelming evidence of profound sociopathic traits,” along with malignant narcissism.

Both disorders can cause loss of reality, paranoia, bullying, violent impulses, low self-esteem, lying, cheating, rage, impulsivity, lack of empathy or compassion, and possibly dementia or alzheimer’s disease.

Professor of Psychiatry and Law James Gilligan noted “(t)he issue here is not whether President Donald Trump is mentally ill. It is whether he is dangerous.”

“He publicly boasts of violence and has threatened violence. He has urged followers to beat up protesters. He approves of torture. He has boasted of his ability to commit and get away with sexual assault.”

It’s “irresponsible” to remain passive in the face of clear evidence Gilligan sees. It’s vital to “warn the potential victims in the interests of public health,” he said.

Remaining silent about Trump’s disturbing actions “passively support(s) and enable(s) the dangerous and naive mistake of treating him as if he were a ‘normal’ president,” he added.

“He is not, and it is our duty to say so.” Strong stuff.

Last April, Psychology Today headlined “Shrinks Define Dangers of Trump Presidency,” saying he “may or may not be mentally ill. He may or may not have an organic brain disease.”

Whatever the case, prominent mental health experts agree they’re ethically obligated to inform the public about “every instance of reality distortion, impulsive decision-making, and violation of presidential norms of behavior that singularize the Trump presidency.”

Psychiatrist Robert Jay Lifton stressed the importance of averting Trump’s “malignant normality,” threatening the nation – omitting the danger to world peace, stability and security, what’s most important of all.

Clinical Professor of Law and Psychiatry Bandy Lee said her “(c)olleagues are concerned about the repercussions of speaking” out, lacking legal protections from a president willing to strike back at critics.

At times he’s justified, she failed to explain, especially about “the dishonest media” I blast more than he does, without his bully pulpit for extra resonance.

Psychologist John Gartner collected tens of thousands of professional signatures to a Facebook petition from individuals believing mental health experts have a duty to warn people about Trump’s dangerous behavior.

Professor of Law and Psychiatry Charles Dike disagrees, saying mental health professionals are responsible to their patients, not the public, adding: “We are not police.”

Psychiatrist Judith Herman believes professional expertise isn’t needed to recognize signs of Trump’s instability.

His bluster, bravado and other mannerisms aside, I’ve argued he’s been co-opted to serve Wall Street, other corporate interests, and the imperial state exclusively at the expense of the public interest he likely doesn’t care about anyway.

He didn’t become a billionaire by becoming a good guy. Shady dealings likely enabled him to accumulate super-wealth.

He associates with his own kind, indifferent to ordinary people except rhetorically to score political points. His deplorable actions explain where he stands.

A new AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs poll showed his approval rating at 32%, a new low in his presidency – down from 42% in March and 35% in June.

His failure to address Puerto Rico crisis conditions likely contributed to his low rating. Nor do some of his hostile tweets help him.

Is he the world’s most dangerous man? He’s a front man for dark forces running America. Therein lies the real danger no matter who’s president.

It’s for mental health experts to judge if he’s mentally sound or imbalanced. His deplorable domestic and geopolitical policies speak for themselves.





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  1. NPP says:

    No. he is not.

    The powers that challenge him or even control him remain the most dangerous.

    We have such short memories – it could have been “We came, we saw, he died…” her.

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