Is Trump A Threat To Child Violators?

Trump? He’s doing considerably better than a lot of people give him credit for.
The legacy media is dying, but they have continued to pound him with what power they have left…
A Threat To The Legacy Media With Styxhexenhammer

Brittany Pettibone is encouraged that Trump appears to be concerned and even taking action against child violation…
Harvey Weinstein: Sexual Predators In Hollywood?

So, is Trump a war mongering record drone killer? Or, does Trump actually have greater ethics and moral backbone than the corporate media and even some alternative media give him credit for?
This press conference did seem to show Trump in a far better light than the daily dose of BBC coverage he receives….
Hillary, Please Run Again
Trump talks in friendly terms whether Mitch McConnell or visiting the Philippines. He fields questions, apparently relaxed and confident. He says he does not need money from the pharmaceutical industry with regard to healthcare – may be Mitch takes money, I don’t know… he is funny.


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