I Have A Dream… Candace Owens, Hillary, Interview, BBC, Live.

… oh, that would be entertaining.

Hillary Clinton is doing the rounds in the UK and on the wonderful, the glorious, that beacon of free and open broadcasting to the world, the BBC; the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation. She’s going to give her her Harvey Weinstein money to a woman’s helpy needy something or other charity. Ah, how thoughtful of her. The BBC & co have been so thoughtful, not once have they mentioned her hubby’s misdemeanours; but then that’s all unsubstantiated gossip, isn’t it; you know, the out of court bloody rape settlements. Plus, she warns us of impending gloom outside the €U single market. If only Hillary were President…. but, it’s OK, this is not a dream and i-t-c-h with a B is not. Thank goodness for Donald. Though what he’s doing with this Iran business, I’m not sure. I know they stone women buried up to their neck in the earth under white sheeting, but leading financiers and organisers of global terrorism? Er, Donald, behind you! Try the square mile of London, the Pentagon, CIA and that Tavistock bunch; all tax payer and poppy funded.

Is Candace Owens for real or just a Tavistock dream? She makes more poignant points than any £500K / year BBC presstitute… and she makes me laugh.

Harvey Weinstein, Eminem, and why the left can’t stop losing


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