Hear the staggering statistics of Military Industrial Complex and Black Budget waste

The Russians must be laughing their socks off.  They produce better aircraft and weapons for one hundredth the price the Pentagon pays for stuff that won’t fly or hit its target.  Trillion dollar wastage.  This is why America is being pushed out of Syria and maybe soon many other locations.  They’ve wasted all the money in secret to buy useless weapons systems that don’t work.  They’ve had to withdraw from facing Russian equivalent equipment to avoid embarrassment.  Here is why the Saudis and the Israelis don’t even want US equipment any more.  Everyone wants Russian now.  TAP.

“There’s not enough money for that…”
“That” means enforcing the law against
corrupt banks and corporations.
“That” means affordable health care.
And dozen of other things.
But there is more money in the US
“black budget” than in all of the defense
budgets of all the rest of the world
– Brasscheck TV



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