Gilad Atzmon Beautifully Triggers David Aaronovitch

I recommend as Must Watch. From Charlie Parker to Ian Drury & The Blockheads; from serving in the Israeli army to going into self exile and support of Palestine. I particularly enjoy the moments featuring David Aaronovitch slating Gilad Atzmon. I have long been bemused how David Aaronovitch manages to get paid by the UK taxpayer to present his warblings on BBC R4. I give you the superior and exceptional Gilad Atzmon…

Gilad And All That Jazz – Film by Golriz Kolahi

David Aaronovitch Reading Gilad Atzmon @ Oxford Literature Festival

… and a favourite Atzmon conversation:
HD1080 Gilad Atzmon rencontre Robert Faurisson 10 juin 2014


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