Fracking fears hit Sunday Times

The industry is banned in Scotland and Wales.  How long until England awakens to the threat to life the industry poses?  Is Murdoch changing sides against the industry, as he usually does when the outcome is getting clearer?  It’s a great sign for the anti-fracking campaign to be getting favourable press in Murdoch’s pages.  All is top fight for, as the industry will no doubt be fighting back using its corporate police force as hard as it can.



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  1. Tom74 says:

    There seems to be some kind of ‘deep state’ shift going on. I had to do a double-take the other day when I noticed that arch-Mail cipher Richard Littlejohn had penned a supportive piece on fracking protesters.

    • Tapestry says:

      That’s only because Middle England is awakening to the dangers, Tom. If the campaign to stop fracking hadn’t been put in place, the Deep State would still be all for it. But now the issue of fracking is disintegrating traditional party loyalties, waking people up to the fact that there is a Deep State, with its many hidden agendas, it’s hopefully going to be shelved. The battles at PNR and KIrby Misperton are key. Once the divide and rule normal state of government is undermined, and people start joining together as one to fight back to save themselves, (and the Green Party starts to gain traction using the issue of fracking as its headline), then the Deep State has to move its ground, or a more general rebellion against its measures might become a political possibility. Why for example does Britain maintain its position as USA poodle in every illegal war, and human rights abuse? If we have the strength of mind to go for Brexit from Brussels, what about Brexit from Washington? Once people are awake, we could stand as one to redesign our slavery to the war/debt system.

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