Food Thieves in France, Cryptocurrency Food Fund and Spanish Ports

Published on Oct 4, 2017

As we see thorough history whether it be the Maunder Minimum where grain shipments were accompanied by the military to thieves with grain harvesters in Thailand when rice prices rose, when food gets expensive, people steal. Now we have thieves in France raiding high end grapes from Bordeaux vineyards. So as you can see that food will become the most valuable commodity on our planet by 2020-2021, there will need to be special measures in place to track every ounce of grain and tin of food. Enter the food ecosystem of the blockchain. Organic farmers at the local level are organizing in to co-ops who in turn are offering ICO food coins. But to have a complete ecosystem, you need to monitor shipping and delivery, which all of the supply chain consortium are doing, and lastly, consolidate ports, which is why the Spanish referendum was held. Those who control the food delivery , control society. This is your crystal ball to 2021.


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