Diversity Is a Joke


October 22, 2017 by Soren Dreier


The manufactured and architected call for diversity that rides the western hemisphere like a madman on performance enhancing drugs is a self-contradictive mind game, of which the purpose is nothing but to divide and conquer. They do not want diversity – they want us all to think alike.

The focus seems to be on skin color and sex, and that in itself shows how shallow the call is. We are so much more than the bloody color of our skin and what we have under the belt.

They tolerate no diversity of thinking, no diversity of feeling, no diversity in free speech and no diversity in understanding and deciphering collective events.

That is what makes this call for diversity a dangerous, misplaced joke that’s tired of laughing; since the promotors of the Diversity War want a single-minded society that pushes people to feel guilty about themselves, for being white, for being hetero, for being Christian and what have we, into a state of: Repressive Tolerance. We see good people now excusing their skin color in public (White), their gender (Men), and their spirituality, since the Diversity War Party has none.

The Diversity War Party is pushing people with mainstream political ideas to the far right, since it’s the only place they find resonance by not having to plug into Repressive Tolerance. I’m taking about opinions and perspectives that were considered totally normal before they decided to move the goal posts all of a sudden. It causes further polarization, and that’s exactly what they want.

The Diversity War Party is pushing people to promote their gender or blur it out, and that’s exactly what they want.

A loss of collective identity, if you prefer.

Before the Diversity War, we lived in peace of mind.

No favors granted JUST because of the color of your skin of the shape of your genitals, because that would in itself be both Racist and Sexist.
No shortcuts, because you decided to leave Africa, took a boat, crossed the Mediterranean basin and walked ashore, looking for an outlet to charge your iPhone, under the disguise of being a victim of NATO’s lust for war in the Middle East, pretty far from the Serengeti, don’t you think.

Racist, which I understand we all are now, seem to judge people by their color of their skin and that is exactly what they would like to mold us into: Reverse Racist who are supposed to feel default sorry for people based on gender, color, origin. Repressive Racism.

The Diversity War Party wants a war with us that have nothing against diversity but we like to draw the boundary ourselves and not have it dictated.

The Diversity War Party doesn’t understand we have no problem with differences.

The Diversity War Party wants to stuff it down our throats and that shows their true agenda – they want you scared of your own opinions, your own better judgement and your own ethics.

I will not give them the war they crave.
I will not excuse my gender, I’m so proud of being hetero still, and I won’t excuse the color of my skin, since I don’t give it any particular thought.

I like men to be masculine and I like women to be feminine, since I learn from the beautiful friction in that.
Boiled monkey I understand is a delicacy in parts of Asia.

Stuff that down your throats until you call for: Diversity of Thought or is that just too deep for you?

Then we are game.

© 2017 Soren Dreier / Full repost only by permission.

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  1. NPP says:

    It’s everyday on the BBC and within UK corporate media: gender diversity identity political nonsense.

    Tavistock Institute.

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