Bloody Boris Bloody Hands

From UK Defence Minister Harriett Baldwin to Boris Johnson blowing with the Brexit wind…

UK Column News – 29th September 2017
Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, David Scott and David Ellis with today’s news update from the UK Column.

North Korea theatre propaganda
Bollocks from The Telegraph:
Chilling graphic shows spread of radioactive cloud if North Korea detonates nuclear bomb over Pacific
It offers no supporting data, including the yield or altitude of the theoretical bomb, or the threat that the cloud would pose to human health…. but it’s worth a Telegraph fear mongering headline regardless.
Fake news / propaganda.

Theresa May spoke to British troops at NATO warning of Russia’s continued aggression. But, she is a silly bimbo. Oh well…
PM’s address to British Troops at Tapa Military Base in Estonia
Theresa: “Unconditional commitment to €U security…”
Foreign policy, defence and development – a future partnership paper
PM: Britain is unconditionally committed to the defence and security of Europe
There is no doubt, the UK-€U are a joint military unification and the public apparently have little idea.
The UK MoD know all about it says David Ellis. Britain’s military forces are being decimated.
Army’s £440m replacement for ‘coffin on wheels’ Snatch Land Rover breaks down in heat of Iraq and Afghanistan
The Ministry of Defence ordered 400 units of Foxhound vehicles from General Dynamics Land Systems, a company based in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire….
General Dynamics – massive American company:
Defence Minister Harriett Baldwin and Minister for the UK Government in Wales Guto Bebb visited General Dynamics’ factory in Wales today to see two vehicles in the final stages of testing before they are delivered to the British Army.
“I am delighted to see the Ares in action. This vehicle, and the others in the Ajax family, will give the British Army a multi-role, mounted fighting power and reconnaissance capability fit for the future. We continue to invest in the best equipment for our Armed Forces, and I’m delighted to support such strong investment in Wales.”

Harriett Baldwin MP: Ted and me, and other treasures of childhood
£3.9billion contract for US profit, not UK manufacturing.

From General Dynamics website:
“Humanity – We are compassionate and empathetic. We respect the dignity, rights and autonomy of others.”
Mike: If they don’t look after humanity they’ll have no one to blow up.
British industry being swallowed up by global corporates.
David Ellis: What are you doing Harriett?
Brian: She’s a child being controlled by global interests.

Boris favourite for new Tory Leader.
Mike: Boris cannot be allowed to become PM becasue he has blood on his hands…
Victims of Rashideen Betrayed & Politicized by Western Media, Exploited by the White Helmets – Part One:
Money Boris Johnson sent to Syria went to the types of people who carried out these kinds of atrocity.
The Foreign Office cannot deny this because we’ve shown too much evidence over the months and years to qualify this allegation.
David Scott: We may be faced with a choice between Boris Johnson the unethical opportunist and Jeremy Corbyn the dangerous ideologue. It seems to be Moggy or bust…. Jacob Rees-Mogg

David Ellis: What do we do? Charles I said during tough times the ordinary have to be extraordinary. ‘We’ are the ordinary and we must all be extraordinary.

Commonwealth People’s Forum:
The Commonwealth People’s Forum (CPF) brings together civil society representatives from around the world to discuss and debate key issues facing Commonwealth people
Civil society in this context:
ECOSOC brings people and issues together to promote collective action for a sustainable world…

Child abuse and the issue of consent.
Poster from Devon & Cornwall Police:
DevonCornwall Police Twitter:
Brian suggests an attempt to normalise sex with children.

David Scott talks about a citizens inquiry into sex abuse in Scotland
The Fresh Start Foundation:
Event 26 October Edinburgh…
Reinstate common law and trial by jury.
Ideological defense for artists…
In December 1901, Kaiser Wilhelm II gave a dinner for artists who had contributed to the building of a grand Berlin boulevard that was lined with sculptures of famed Germans. His two most favoured artists were invited to sit next to him. He gave a long speech that became known as ‘Rinnsteinrede’ – ‘the gutter speech.’ He condemned modern art as lowering itself into the gutter. That is not the reason why I was reminded of it the other day….
…. Artists, she said, don’t have to be close to government, but ‘they just have to have a common understanding of what the country wants. This is a way of bridging, of helping ambition for the country.’

Police and guns in the UK.
NationalAuditOffice‏Verified account @NAOorguk Sep 29
Government offices are moving into ‘Hubs’. Recent estate management lessons will help address the big challenges.
HUB: collectivisation of the civil service…. Scottish model of government e.g. what you tell the NHS the police will know…
One Public Estate
€U defence will include UK military command coming under €U command:


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