Are Lancashire & North Yorkshire Police being SET UP to FAIL? G4S and Serco to replace Police.

“North Yorkshire & Lancashire Police are being tasked with destroying the underlying trust between Police and Local Communities’; the purpose being, ‘to create a motivation for CHANGE, greater than the motivation to retain the status quo’. The ultimate goal being to remove Police from ‘Corporate Enforcement’ duties. These ‘duties’ would then be privatized; with contracts being awarded to Corporations such as G4S and Serco … who would then be granted the power of arrest and use of lethal force against Protesters”.

‘Powerful update from Ian R Crane with regard to the far darker agendas that surround Fracking. Some of what has been kept hidden from us can now be seen very clearly through events occurring at Fracking sites such as Kirby Misperton & Preston New Road. I have been feeling a very strong pull to assist in making visible what is occurring, hence my greater involvement. What happens over the next few weeks at Kirby Misperton in particular I feel will be very important. Any support you wish to give by attending peaceful protests, sharing updates or by sending positive energies to the protectors at these sites will help greatly appreciated.’ – Emma Lawson (with thanks)

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  1. alison says:

    Could banning fracking in Scotland have anything to do with the egregious, greedy, fraudulent, bogus Saxe-Coburg-Gothe royal (by whose decree?!?!?) family protecting these lands for their own benefit/escape?!?!?

    • Tapestry says:

      Scotland is the home of world Freemasonry or should we say world government. Interestingly the name Scotland comes from Queen Scota who left Egypt around 1800 BC. The Egyptian Royal family had red hair. The story is well told by Ralph Ellis. Her King who exodused Egypt alongside her was Gaythelos, which translates through Aramaic, Greek to Latin as Caesar. The bloodlines continue through to the present day. G=C. AY = AE. TH=S. EL=ER or AR. OS just a word ending.

      • alison says:

        Interesting… Michael Tsarion does a big thing about the power elites moving from West to East… and then back again…

        Montague Keen harps on about the Irish being KEY to everything… therefore worthy of destruction by the dark forces…

        Which of course is why the Irish have been so disgustingly treated by the British (Oligarchs). Potato famine was engineered and blatant genocide; ask the Irish.

        Irish to Egypt explains red hair in Egypt and somewhere along the line, something went pear-shaped and the Irish bloodlines were infiltrated and then the pervs came back to Europe and you can see the devastating effects all around you!

        I was reminded of this yesterday evening when I drove a friend down to our local Waitrose and on the one hand, we had a shielded man disembarking from a secured vehicle to collect up the local shops profits and on the other, we had a homeless man relying on the kindness of locals to scrape together a meal to fortify himself through the chilly night – this is complete madness! Civilized? By whose definition? Not mine – my arse! There is something seriously wrong here…

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