An Insight Into Basic US Intelligence Gathering

Last night I caught Westminster Hour on BBC R4:
Chris Mullin
Could we really see “a very British coup”?
Chris Mullin’s “A Very British Coup” is a book which has come back into vogue with the election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader – but the idea of the establishment mobilising to overthrow a leftist prime minister ever a realistic prospect?

I do not watch much TV. I did not understand if this was about an old TV show or the re-making and broadcasting of a new one to come. The interesting detail is transcribed below about the US keeping tabs on the UK.

I found a link that does indeed play it again without registering:
… I do not understand how this works, bu never mind…
Chris Mullin says:
“Will the security services and MI6 interfere in politics as they did in the 1960’s and 70’s?
MI5 is totally reformed…
The Americans would not be keen on Corbyn PM, but then we’re not very keen on the current American administration.
When the novel was published in 1982, the first cheque for £6.95 came in via our Tribune Magazine advertising from the American Embassy…. I received an invitation to lunch from the Minister, the most important man after the Ambassador… a bullet proof Cadillac was sent to Tribune’s multi-story HQ to take me to his mansion in Kensington. It was only him, me, one of his officials and a Philippino butler….
I asked, why are you bothering with a minnow like me?
He said, I reckon you’re among the top 1,000 opinion formers in the country.
Well, I must be around 999.
The other 999 have been here too.”

My fictional PM was destabilised by MI5. Corbyn’s enemies would be in his own ranks
Chris Mullin

I sensed some more programming predicting and reflecting real life.


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  1. Tapestry says:

    They can use Corbyn to get Labour elected, then turf him out and control the Party through others. The Deep State controls all parties all the time. People have to elect independents.

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