Algorithm Censorship ‘Protecting Us From Hate’ ?!

This is a post by Patrick Henningsen of
I copied it 48 mins after he’d posted yesterday it on the glorious, open minded, free and fair social media platform that is BookFace… I trust you realeyes my tongue is a little in my cheek.

When Facebook went IPO and was valued in the Billions, that value was because of the size of the user base and its monetization potential, not because Zuckerberg is any sort of programming genius.
Users who posted, commented, shared, built this platform, and now that the Limousine Latte crowd has cashed-in on their big achievement – they are censoring everyone who goes against the Corporatist/Pro-War Party Line.
What a complete fraud.
FB’s Stasi wunderkinds are programming their A.I.(an oxymoron) and ML (‘machine learning’, learning what it’s told to do) algorithms to censor dissenting views under the phony guise of ‘protecting us from hate’.
They’ve done it to me, and many people I know recently, including Partisan Girl, Andrew Korybko, Jay Dyer and others. Pathetic.
Silicon Valley is a Deep State cesspit of petty dictators – clawing their way over the little man to earn their early retirement like crabs in a bucket.
Alex Stamos you should be ashamed of yourself. How do you sleep at night? Comfortably, I’m sure…
“They claim to protect us from hate yet support kids being ripped to pieces by the imperialists bombs or killed by their terrorist proxies.”
(Thank you Paul M. – you know the truth has a certain ring to it, not that anyone at Facebook would know what that is)

Mark Suckerberg? SuckerCyborg!

NPP… not sure who Paul M is.


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