AI Mesh Grows Inside The Body

Creating an organic computer… plug your kids in!?
TAP. Been out of touch off line. I listened to this episode on my phone. It was one of the most significant episodes. Alarming. Really, they make the BBC look ridiculous. Check out Dr. Graham Downing. They want to ‘upload’ our consciousness.
34mins: ‘Inject a mesh which interfaces between your skull and your brain..’
When I can I want to listen to this whole episode again. A must watch, listen and share. Elon Musk is a dangerous man.

42mins: “Personal computing will become intra-personal and intra-cellular. Each human neuron will be hijacked by a self-growing, self-repairing, molecular network. Computers will be networks of polymer filaments growing inside and together with a human. ‘Seeds’ of the networks will be injected into embryos in the first month of their development. They will form a gigantic network inside the brain. Computers will be inside us. They will span all living creatures in a united computing network.”
What will personal computers look like in 20 years’ time?

“What it says in that couple of sentences is immensely unpleasant…”
Brain as understated as ever! He’s funny.
“What they are doing to animals they are doing to human beings in secret…”

This is published literature.

UK Column News – 27th October 2017
Published on 27 Oct 2017
Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, Mark Anderson and Dr Graham Downing with today’s UK Column News, including:
00:46 – Syria: Regime change agenda continues…
03:54 – FCO: Syria has ‘clear track record’ of chemical attacks
04:56 – Google’s new ‘fact-checking network’ paid for by Soros
09:09 – Twitter bans RT and Sputnik from advertising
11:08 – National Audit Office: WannaCry attack on the NHS
13:57 – WannaCry kill-switch hero arrested by FBI…
15:10 – Medical trials: not worth the paper they’re written on
16:29 – UK government terrorist policy: Kill them all…
17:08 – Rory Stewart MP: Kill ‘militants’ too…
19:05 – Chicago Global Affairs survey: America First or…?
26:38 – Fresh Start Foundation: Scotland’s real child abuse inquiry
29:00 – Artificial Intelligence (AI): a good thing…?
40:45 – Adam Adamatzky: ”Polymer filaments growing inside humans”
43:25 – Children should not use Virtual Reality (VR) technology
45:28 – Rome: Beyond Humanism Conference
47:15 – Saudi Arabia gives citizenship to robot…


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  1. Tapestry says:

    We keep our sons off computer games as we notice their personalities changing. Virtual reality is coming onto mobile phones very soon according to CIty sources. That is highly dangerous. People walk down the middle of the road looking at their phones as it is. Expect crazy things to start happening, let alone people totally unable to communicate with other human beings. Many can hardly manage a grunt as it is.

  2. NPP says:

    This episode is exactly what our taxpayer funded BBC should be doing.

    If you have kids, watch this.

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