One Response to “A Racial Plan for the Twentieth Century”

  1. Tapestry says:

    My feeling is that interracial breeding/marriage is no problem. We’re all human beings after all. There is a compatibility problem with religions though, especially those that have not been reprogrammed with an Enlightenment. Religions are control programs, mostly vicious and not conducive to human freedom and spiritual development. The Enlightenment enabled the worst of Christianity to be put behind us, and people were no longer executed for denying God, or flogged for swearing. If only Islam could catch up and realise that humanity needs more than total subjugation. If the Jews hope that white races will become less effective through breeding with other races, they are wrong, very wrong. Children of interracial marriages are often talented and usually above average intelligence. As with animals, it’s the pedigree version that betrays dumbness, not the mixed. Hooray henrys, Tim Nice-but-dims.

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