The word ‘Israel’ tricks Christians into supporting Zionism


Israel, defense contractors and bogus media preachers have done a good job of turning a huge swatch of American Christians into unwitting pro-war monsters.

They make up the biggest voting block in the US

What do these people believe? How did they come to believe it? How can these people be brought back to the light?

The future depends on the answer to this question.

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3 Responses to “The word ‘Israel’ tricks Christians into supporting Zionism”

  1. Tapestry says:

    The problem is the need for Christians to believe every word in the bible, as being the ‘word of God’. Ralph Ellis demonstrated good cause to see that Israel was in fact Egypt – and the KIngs of ‘Israel’ were the pharoahs as far back as Abraham. Judaea was a poor arid land, while lower Egypt had all the wealth of the world. Israel being a deception to hide the true identity of the Israelites. They were the Hyksos., the shepherd Kings. Their capital city was Avaris. Their central bank was called ‘The White House’.

  2. Cobalt says:


    Is(is), Ra, El

    – Cobalt

  3. Random says:

    The territory of the Zionist state of Israel (as described in the the Oded Yinon plan) has the same geographical bounds as the promised land of the Abrahamic covenant (Genesis 15:18), but the promised land was inherited by the descendants of Ishmael as well as by the twelve tribes of Israel. In other words, some Muslims have a right to parts of the promised land, but Zionism does not recognize this right.

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