What powered the directed energy weapon that turned the Twin Towers to dust?

Richard D Hall covers a number of subjects, with Andrew Johnson alongside him in the studio.

AJ has just been in the US visiting Ground Zero and taking a few pictures.  The area is on lockdown he says with no bullhorns, leaflets or protests permitted.  Entry is $24 to a memorial museum selling no books which tell any truth as to what happened on 9/11.  He visited Dr Judy Woods and watched the 2017 eclipse from her home, which was in the path of the totality. They got a great view of the eclipse, with no cloud.  The path of totaity is only 60/70 miles wide.

He interviewed Dr Woods which is on Andrew Woods Youtube channel.  Joseph P Farrell is discussed on same video.

Hurricane Erin discussed.  This hurricane was close to New York on 9/11, closest at 8 am.  Strange course that the hurricane took.  No media warnings given about it even though it was so close to New York.  Twin towers were turned to dust in mid-air, using advanced technology.  Was the electrical energy for the weapon derived from the hurricane’s electrostatic field, combined with the earth’s electromagnetic energy?

Video description

In the first part we further discuss Wikileaks and Julian Assange. After receiving considerable feedback from show no. 240, we decided to do an update. It seems fairly unanimous to those with a critically thinking brain that Julian Assange is a fraud.

All the clues are there that he is a puppet of U.S. intelligence masquerading as a champion of truth, and subtly propped up by mainstream media with their fake cynicism. I am sure there will be more evidence brought to light in future to make Julian Assange a bigger laughing stock than he already is.

In parts two and three of the show I discuss with Dr Nick Kollerstrom the “Protocols of Zion”, and attempt to get closer to the truth about whether this famous document was a genuine guide for high level Freemasons, or whether it was something that somebody wrote to make people think it was a genuine guide used by high level Freemasons.

Published on Oct 1, 2017

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