Appeal for longer sentence for ‘drink driver’ needs rethinking

From the Shropshire Star –  The family of an 11-year-old girl killed in Shrewsbury by a drink-driving pensioner, have hailed the public’s support after more than 7,000 people signed a petition demanding he gets a longer prison sentence.

Within 24 hours the petition for the Attorney General to review Roger Goodall’s sentence has gained thousands of signatures from people all over the country.

In September, the 77-year-old of The Mount, Shrewsbury, was jailed for four-and-a-half years for causing the death of Olivia-Violet Reeves, from Worthen.

The youngster was killed when Goodall’s out-of-control car hit her as she walked to catch the bus home from school in Shrewsbury.

Floral tributes left at the scene of the tragedy

Last week, Olivia-Violet’s family applied to the Solicitor General for permission to appeal the sentence, which they said was too lenient, but just a few days later they learned that they had been unsuccessful.

Olivia-Violet’s uncle, Simon Reeves, said he hopes that the petition will gain 100,000 signatures so the family can present it to parliament.

He said: “I was hoping it was going to go UK-wide, and people have started signing it from all over the country now.

“The petition was launched by a friend of Olivia-Violet’s mum.

“It’s brilliant, hopefully it will keep going, we want the full 100,000 signatures. We want to go to Downing Street and it can be put forward for debate in parliament.”


TAP.  The appeal is understandable in many ways, from this awful tragedy.

But should sentencing be decided by mass appeal?

The driver wasn’t prosecuted for drink driving which is unusual if he was drunk.  He has, however, admitted to drinking.  If he was well over the limit, as suggested/implied in the media, surely the Police would have prosecuted him for drink driving.  He was attending the Shrewsbury Hospital round the corner from where Olivia died, as he had a heart condition.  He passed out on his way to a consultation.  Why is this never mentioned in the media?  Including the Shropshire Star.

He’s admitted he should have informed the DVLA of his heart condition but did not do so.   He was convicted for causing death by dangerous driving for that reason.

What do readers think?

If he was on medication for his heart condition, this might have contributed to the driver passing out.  That would not be wanted in the media by the pharmaceutical industry, needless to say.




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