Matthew Rycroft’s White Helmet Excitement

The Corporate media imarketing machine exploits a small girl called Bana to be the Ann Frank of our generation. UK UN Ambassador MatthewRycroft gets in on the act…

UK Column News – 9th October 2017
Mike Robinson, Patrick Henningsen and Vanessa Beeley with today’s news update from the UK Column, including:

Mainstream media (Guardian) Olivia ask Vanessa Beeley to comment on the White Helmets.
A slanted bias charge sheet.
The second year WH failed to win the Peace Prize.
The information available to Eva Bartlett, Vanessa Beeley and Patrick Henningsen is available to the Guardian.
Bana stories still being pushed. Bana’s family work with Al Queda, ISIS, anti-Assad government forces.

Matthew Rycroft has met Bana.

Matthew Rycroft‏Verified account @MatthewRycroft1
Honoured to meet @AlabedBana at @sams_usa event tonight. Her bravery is an inspiration to me & so many in #Syria & beyond…

*Qoppa*‏ @Qoppa999 Oct 8
Replying to @MatthewRycroft1 @AlabedBana and
Don’t miss the opportunity to meet her father Ghassan. He is even more inspirational!

There is the Bana colouring book. The Ann Frank of our generation.
Corporate media is becoming a slick PR agency and marketing machine.

The Home Office’s consideration of children’s ‘best interests’ – Call for evidence
At no point do they mention the children that go missing.

VG exposed the largest child sexual abuse forum. It was run by the police.
In utmost secrecy, the world’s largest child sexual abuse forum was moved to the other side of the globe.
No one was supposed to know who was behind the website’s continued operation.

REVEALED: FBI Aided, Abetted ‘ISIS’ Terrorist Attack at ‘Mohammed Cartoon Event’ in Garland, Texas

Matrix Chambers Member Jessica Simor QC
Wants to advise Theresa May about Brexit and Article 50


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