Why the Deep State hates the alternative media

The Abu Dhabi journey was planned in advance and the time was determined by the time of the arrival of my plane. I had left the car in the airport car park. I arrived but didn’t go to my car. Instead I had a nap in a lounge before going through passport control. My non-arrival caused 2 army officers on the next plane to be ordered to leave their plane to find me. They were in the lounge when I woke up. They sent a code call to their HQ using a false name. I later got their identities from the Abu Dhabi security officers. There was also a clear motive to kill me.

In the Bulgarian case, there was a clear motive and the journey up and down the mountain was one I took several times a week. I had just received the car from the mechanic, who must have jimmied the brakes.

As regards the threat posed by ‘conspiracy theorists’. The constitute a problem not only because they disturb public lethargy/stupidity. They also threaten the ignorance of brainwashed politicians, for example Donald Trump. Recently Trump cut CIA financing of ‘moderate’ jihadists after seeing a video of a boy being beheaded. He is now almost completely isolated, and depends on Sean Hannity of Fox News for uncontaminated information. The Trump presidency has been greatly influenced by the blogosphere, which is why Kelly and MacMaster are so keen on isolating him. That one clip of the boy being beheaded forced the Deep State to abandon its Syria policy.

(sent as a comment by Gordon Logan)


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