Whose Side Are You On? The Abusers Or The Abused?

Robert Green has e-mailed Martin Ivens at The Sunday Times
“Whose side are you on? The abusers or the abused?”

UK Column News – 28th September 2017
Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s news update from the UK Column including comments from The Duran’s Adam Garrie on the Kurdish referendum.

UK has a new fishing trawler, built n Denmark!
New £30m trawler for fishing fleet

Theresa May, ex Bank of England, spoke about operational independence…
PM speech at 20th anniversary of Bank of England independence event:
New economic partnership with the €U.
“So, our task is to find a new framework that allows for a close economic partnership, but which holds those rights and obligations in a new and different balance….
At the point of our exit, we will have exactly the same rules and regulations as the EU, as our EU Withdrawal Bill will ensure they are carried over into our domestic law.”

Brian: Talk about change, but the chaos continues.
Mike: This is not about leaving the €U, but about a new partnership.

New Type 26 Frigate HMS Belfast naval ship announced by Michael Fallon.

Michael Fallon continues: Britain has defeated ISIS!
Mike’s impressed!

BREAKING: Iraq authorises troop deployment in Kirkuk
Mike talks with Adam Garrie from The Duran.

Brexit must mean more, not less for child refugees
Brian called UNISEF to ask what happened to the last batch. No answer.

Devon and Cornwall Police officer sentenced for indecent images and illegal ammunition offences
No prison.
“Charges of online grooming were dropped because the images themselves were only evidence of the ages of the girls and police experts decided it was impossible to prove they were under 16.”
How could this man get off with such a light sentence. Is he part of a club?

11yo girl had ‘consensual’ sex with 28yo man, French prosecutors say citing lack of violence

The Sunday Times smears Mike Veale
Martin Ivens
Robert Green has e-mailed Martin Ivens
Robert Green: Whose side are you on? The abusers or the abused?
Replies to outrageous article in The Sunday Times seeking to undermine Edward Heath investigation by misrepresenting abuse campaigner Robert Green

Extremism: teaching children how to combat hate…
Police urge children to ‘run, hide, tell’ from terror – not take photos…

Shoot to kill policy…
Portishead shooting disappears from the BBC website
A non police weapon found at the scene.
Man dead after police ‘surround car and shoot into it’ near Bristol
From yesterday…
Portishead shooting: Man dies after police surround car
A guide to IPCC independent investigations
Who will investigate the police? The government will!

Freeze frame and read IPCC official response:


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