Who Are The Elders?

Who are the Elders? I suspect Collectivists who plan to steer and control your life:


Cooperation across borders: the key to our common sustainable future:
Reflecting on the legacy of German post-war leader Willy Brandt, Gro Harlem Brundtland rejects recent isolationist trends and celebrates collective efforts towards achieving a peaceful, just and sustainable world.

At G. Edward Griffin’s conference late 2016, Global-Warming; an Inconvenient Lie, the terms ‘sustainable’, ‘common’ and ‘The Elders’ were shown for what they are: terms of deception used by Collectivists who work toward a global government.

The cuddly, lovely, butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths Elders include:
Desmond Tutu
Jimmy Carter
Nelson Mandela
Mary Robinson
Ban Ki-moon
“We don’t just believe change is possible. We know.”
Kofi Annan
… well, how reassuring eh! Kofi knows!

As if to highlight my suspicions, here’s The Elders in conversation with Jon Snow:

Ask Patrick Henningsen and Vanessa Beeley about Jon Snow:
FAKE NEWS WEEK: Why Channel 4 “News” Owes an Apology to Syria

So, who are The Elders? I recommend you be aware and do some digging yourself. If you still hold e.g. Nelson Mandela as among the greatest heroes of recent times, I suggest you dig a bit more. Nelson may not have been the example of shining divine light that his reputation is perceived as; and I guess by simply asking I must be a Mandela Denier. But hey, think for yourself. I might be completely wrong.


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