What’s the time HMS? Wednesday 10 to 2, always Melanie.

It’s always Wednesday 10 to 2 in Melanie’s prison, plus more from the UK Column…

Henry VIII €U policy? The UK is not divorcing, it is marrying into the €U. Dave Ellis explains.

Bell Pottinger created monsters to scare us by creating false terrorist propaganda . Ex Bell Pottinger Sophie Linden is now able to take her expertise to her new role as Deputy Mayor of Policing and Crime and advise the MET on tackling terrorists.

Melanie Shaw is a child violation whistle-blower. She is still in prison under the jurisdiction of Theresa May. Melanie is being guarded by 3 wardens, male and female, even to the toilet and shower. Denied books. Letters intercepted. Branded as violently ill. She has spent virtually a year in solitary confinement. If she asks the day and time, it is always Wednesday ten to two.

Brian says the Conservative party has been and is involved in child abuse and keep whistle-blowers like Melanie locked up.

We couldn’t make it up. We don’t of course.

UK Column News – 12th September 2017


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