westway Nissan, Stourbridge honours the deal – ‘after two days of mayhem’

Repeated update –

I added an update yesterday morning at 9 am to the earlier post explaining the problems I was experiencing with Westway Nissan in Stourbridge.   That update has since been removed from the post, I have no idea who by.  So I now repeat what I put there.

Nissan Stourbridge has honoured the deal.  I have the car.  The breach of contract didn’t happen. All is sorted.  It seemed very possible a breach was about to take place.  But someone within the organisation saw sense and they fulfilled all their promises under the contract.

The car is great, and a joy to drive.  I thank whoever it was that stepped in and sorted this out.

I can stand down the troops.  I would do business with Nissan Stourbridge again.

UPDATE – 5.30 pm Tuesday – Nissan just called to say they want two more days to try to put the original deal back together again.   They have to go higher up to get clearance for a deal outside their normal terms.  I agreed to wait two days for their reply.  I feel somewhat relieved, but am not yet able to say if their offer will be good enough to resolve this situation.

How it began  –  I was browsing cars online driving my wife crazy as I had spent at least a week checking out Volvos, Audis and other brands.  She’s doing her driving test soon and we will need another car when she passes, so she can get to work and we’ve got two cars for school run.  Then I started checking out electric cars and came across the stuff on the Nissan Leaf.  I went for a test drive with a local garage and thought this might suit our needs  as we have low mileage requirements, and the streets in town are narrow.  I saw the one advertised by Nissan Stourbridge on a website, and clicked that I was interested and left my number.

I had half forgotten about it in the morning when the phone rang at not long after 9 am and it was Mat, who described himself as the sales supervisor from Nissan Stourbridge and he said I had shown interest in a car online, and was I serious?  I said yes if the price was right.  He immediately offered to drop £1000, and I said on the strength of that I would drive the fifty miles to Stourbridge, in fact more like Dudley, but called Stourbridge by Nissan.

I test drove the car.  They confirmed the price of the car, and I said I’d buy it there and then.  They requested a one third deposit which I paid on debit card instantly.  we shook hands.  That was it.  They offered me 0% finance so I decided to accept.  I had not asked for finance.  They offered it.  I had to leave after that to do the school run, and we agreed I would come back on wednesday the following week to collect the car.

Little did I know that the garage was controlled by a ***** ******.  He then got the sales rep to call me on the Tuesday and tell me the car was not available.  The story goes on below.  Essentially I said to ***** that the car was mine.  I had already bought it.  Ah!  He said, but I’ve got it here, and not you….. showing an intention to break our contract based on his being unwilling to hand over what I had already bought.  The details are below.

UPDATE –  Dear David,

As I have received no reply from you, I will now forward the details of this transaction to Nissan Tokyo via my office there.  ****** ****** knows the inner circle, and can contact senior Nissan directors on my behalf.  Please do not turn a minor problem into a personal tragedy for these junior managers who are willing to ‘steal’ from their customers in Nissan’s name.  Such behaviour is deeply shameful to Japanese people.  Please address this matter as a matter of urgency.  Tokyo is nine hours ahead and will see these emails at midnight tonight UK time.

Email to David Talbot, Communications Director, Nissan UK.  No reply as yet.

Dear David,
Is your reputation only worth £1000?


I’m flabberghasted.
As their advertising says, ‘drive with pride’.
How about sell with pride, Nissan?
UPDATE – a sensible reply was received stating that an assistant was being appointed to sort the issue out.


Nissan say it was a mistake – a human error.  The loss for this mistake, however, is all to be mine.  No finance is now offered, and they are asking for another £1000 to be added to the price of the car I bought at an agreed price – to boot.

They say they don’t mind if I publicise the details of what they’ve done, as it’s just human error, and we all make mistakes (that is the exact statement of the sales manager, Mr ****** at westway Nissan, Stourbridge).   I have never heard of a car dealership trying to retrospectively crawl out of a deal ever before, I have to say.  But there you go.  Nissan think it’s all fine if their employees shake their customer’s hand with a deal, take a one third deposit and the next day it’s as if it all never happened.

I tried informing Mr ****** that the car was already mine by law.  Interestingly he then pointed out to me that he had the car, not me.` – alluding no doubt to the old saw that ‘possession is nine tenths of the law’.  Very charming man indeed.  And not someone I would recommend shaking the hand of on any future occasion.



I can hardly believe it.  Last Friday I bought a car, shook hands with the salesman, paid the deposit of £4103.35 and arranged to collect the vehicle tomorrow.  Today a few minutes ago,  Nissan’s sales rep called.  He says he has changed his mind and now says he can’t sell me the car at the agreed price.  Apart from the fact that he is acting totally illegally, and is attempting to be in breach of the contract, this is appalling for Nissan’s reputation.  I thought they seemed like a smooth and professional operation, but the truth is – Nissan is a shambles, and has no idea what they are doing.  How can any reputable business sell a car one day and then claim they cannot complete the deal the next.  I have the receipt for the deposit paid with just £9477.65 left to pay, which I was intending to finance.  The finance company (so he claims) is now not willing to lend the £9477.65, and he’s using that as the excuse to welch on the deal.  They are of course part of Nissan anyway, so that’s a bit lame.

This is the UK, I informed him that we operate under UK law.  we have a contract struck, a shake of the hand, and deposit paid, a document specifying that there is £9477.65 left to pay.  He said,’he will see what he can do’, and I told him there is nothing he can do.  There is a contract.  If he won’t fund the finance for the purchase, then I will, and he will carry the blemish on his reputation ongoing.

I am livid.

Can you believe it?  Nissan are willing to break a contract of sale made in their own salesroom, after a long discussion, no mistake possible.  They were paid the deposit they demanded on the nail, and all is set to pick up the car tomorrow, with driver and car arranged to go to Stourbridge/Dudley where this character works.  I am in shock.  what will this do to Nissan’s reputation?

That is not my problem but entirely theirs.

I will not reveal model in case the operation manages to sort this out.  otherwise I will give full details in the next post.  They can still save their faces if they wish to do so.

You expect shady dealing from back street traders like Arthur Daley.  This is Nissan.  A  top worldwide car manufacturer with a global reputation to defend.  Doesn’t ***** ****** realise who he’s working for?  Can someone please remind him.


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  1. archer says:

    Sorry to hear of your frustrating encounter. Yet again, car salesmen reinforcing the stereotype that they are the lowest of the low.

    I never fail to be amazed by the arrogance and overall front of these creatures. In fact, I see no purpose that they serve, other than to inconvenience and fleece the poor customer.

    Good luck, something tells me you won’t give this one up!

  2. Tapestry says:

    Let’s see what they come up with by Thursday.

  3. westwaynissan says:


    The Dealership Principal of Stourbridge will be in contact with you tomorrow morning to discuss this issue in more detail.

    West Way Nissan

  4. Tapestry says:

    My case ended well. Not so for others. A google search for the branch yielded –
    ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    I was wondering HOW they manage to advertise a car for Sale on THEIR Website, also on ALL the Major Car websites (exchange and mart, motors, autotrader) and yet NOT actually have the car IN STOCK at any of their dealerships…The saleman (who didn’t give his name when I rang) claimed that someone had put the car on these websites without their permission…yet ALL the phone numbers went to Westway…The salesman never apologized for the inconvenience. OH, they don’t reply to emails either. WHY oh WHY would you buy a car from someone like this??? the good thing only for us is that we didn’t travel 90 miles (1 way) to find out these adverts were ALL hoaks, presumably to get people to the dealership in the 1st place…not the way to do business – dishonest!

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