One Response to “Was the Great American Eclipse A Harbinger for Chaos in the United States?”

  1. eddieleejn says:

    Greeting, been away, almost forgot about this place! Anyway, the answer is a resounding 100% YES…. this is the great harbinger warned about for 1000’s of years. I’d quit the site now and go on holidays, I mean nothing can be done now. This said, next week there may be a new harbinger, it’s just hard to know which one is the real one, and which one’s are false flags, and which one’s are just people blogging about this one being the big one. When Christ returns and the day of judgement comes, what if you’re already dead? Always baffled me that question…. everyone says oh the day of judgement is coming….hmmm and yet most people having said that, die still saying it, so haven’t they missed it!? Of course if time doesn’t exist and infinite realities do, maybe everyone does get it. Oh well….until next time 🙂

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