UKIP’s new look, leader and logo take the party nowhere

UKIP’s new logo is an attempt to lionise the party literally – mocked by the Daily Telegraph for looking  like the Premier League.  Pictorially it is brave and obviously looking for the positives in running with a nationalistic agenda.   Clearly anything resembling a swastika would have failed the suitability test, and a lion is about all there is otherwise that could represent the Party.  Earlier versions used by UKIP campaigners included the bulldog, the pound sign and even an image of Arthur Lowe as Captain Mainwaring.

The primary competitor this logo appears to be aiming at is not Labour, Lib Dem or Conservative, with its oak tree, but here UKIP is trying to claim the territory which a new Farage party would be trying to occupy.  My thoughts would be never mind about the graphic.  Words are far more powerful.

In that regard ‘For the nation’ is clear enough, but it doesn’t excite or say much.  Surely all parties would lay claim to being ‘for the nation’.   Had they said ‘for a free nation’ for example that might have been a little bit more exciting. But as UKIP is severely penetrated by MI5 and is unworkable as a vehicle to get MPs elected into Westminster to push through Brexit, UKIP can be relied upon to appear to be trying, but not to really deliver anything substantial such as getting Britain out of the EU.

Farage could therefore go one better and strapline his new party with a crystal clear objective such as ‘for a free and independent nation outside the EU’.   He could subline that – ‘because that’s what’s best for Britain’.

With regard to the UKIP logo, one could also point out, that ‘for the nation’ could covertly refer to the EU, and not Britain.  Can I count exactly thirty three protrusions around the lion head logo?  That would match up with the Freemasonic United Nations logo for example, and many Police logos.

Like the joke I released on text which went viral, as follows –  ‘As part of Britain’s membership of the EU, and the agreements reached at Maastricht, the phrase ‘spend a penny’ is no longer permissible.  From hereon, the term ‘euronation’ is to be used.’  We laughed at that kind of thing in pre-911 days.

In the murkier cultural and political waters of 2017,  laughing at the EU is no longer sufficient.  Farage must make it completely clear his Party is the only one targeted on exiting the EU for good, no deal necessary, while all others are simply subterfuge and suggestion.

I’d vote for that.  UKIP is no longer a vehicle that can carry our aspirations.  It needs quietly taking outside and shooting.  Farage’s phoenix can arise from the ashes, ready to fly anew.

UKIP’s new leader could have been worse, but looks like a great fix for the Remainers.

The new UKIP leader is Henry Bolton.

Guido answers the question: “Who are you?”

  • Bolton was the Faragista candidate and Nigel has already congratulated him on his win
  • He is a former British Army officer with an an OBE for services to international security
  • He ran as a LibDem in 2005
  • He worked for the EU in Common Security and Defence Policy roles
  • He was a police officer for Thames Valley police for eight years, during which he received an award for outstanding bravery
  • His wife Tatiana Smurova-Bolton gave birth to their daughter Victoria on a train to St Pancras
  • He warned UKIP was in danger of becoming he “UK Nazi Party” if Anne-Marie Waters won
  • He says Islam is a “problem
  • He says left-wing extremists like Antifa are as bad as the BNP and EDL
  • He got more votes (3,874) than he had followers on Twitter (2,359) at the time of his election.

Asked by Guido after he won, he didn’t rule out kicking Anne-Marie Waters out of the party…

TAP – Let’s see if Farage now launches the planned new party, or will he pull the option for now and try to work with Bolton?   Bolton sounds like Freemasonic insider MI5 material to me, with a record cut out to fit the new logo perfectly.  Looks like the complete rebrand.  His Russian wife might not fit too well with the endless war agenda.  Is a Brexit revival now successfully plugged, and UKIP now nothing more than the Conservative B team?

We’ve had enough political parties that pretend they will get Britain out of the EU.  ‘Brexit means Brexit’.  ‘For the nation’.  Corbyn flip-flopping and now anti-Brexit.  Only support a party that spells it out with words that we all understand, as I suggest above.   Farage?  Will you cross the line and say exactly what is meant by getting Britain out of the EU?  There would be a few million votes going, if you do.

So far Bolton’s managed ‘‘Brexit is our core task – however, it is not the end of the line.’  I’m falling asleep, no doubt as intended.


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