There Is No Brexit

Theresa May in Florence for Lancaster House speech. 2 year Brexit transition deal. It’s not about leaving, it’s about entering a new €U arrangement.
UK Column News – 22nd September 2017
Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today’s news update from the UK Column.

Brian: they cannot be truthful to avoid giving away this new deal stitch-up: there is no Brexit.
Prime Minister Theresa May set out how the UK will be the strongest friend and partner to the EU after we leave the EU. :
The intention is to deceive the nation as Ted Heath at the start of the whole procedure.
Was Heath blackmailed over the abuse of children to initiate €U membership?
€U military partnership being consolidated.
Britain willing to pay into €5.5bn EU defence fund
Irish-British relations – tensions rise
David Scott: we’re paying €20billion; 6 years of continued €U membership up front!
The rise of the city state will help the €U process.

Former CIA officer blames Jews for America’s wars
America’s Jews Are Driving America’s Wars

Antifa in Scotland
State business being conducted in secret.

Long form digital journalism
How the BBC approaches longform, immersive storytelling

Brian analyses this story on BBC. He questions the format.
Corrie Mckeague and his mysterious disappearance
The BBC are pushing statistics that falsify the extent of missing children.
The BBC does not present news, but rather entertainment to stir emotions.
Mike says they also have built in analytics to monitor what you read, how long you read and contribute toward a data bank of psychological research.
Brian talks of BBC click-bait: Maddy Docu Drama: In Madeleine’s shadow:
Is the real purpose of the BBC docu-drama to steer public thought regarding missing children to the ‘official line’?

Lynn de Rothschild and Boris Johnson promoting gender equality in the work place.

Alt-Right debate. National Socialism. David Scott suggests fascinating debate, the benefit of debate, not violent confrontation…
Vox Day vs Greg Johnson DEBATE: Are Nazis Alt Right?

Scotland: The Curriculum of Fear:
“Although the vision, values and aims have a high profile across the school there is scope for them to underpin development work and therefore have greater impact in the life and work of the school. As planned, the school community should work together to refresh the vision, values and aims to ensure full ownership.”
David: what does that mean?


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