The Real Reason We’re Pushing for War With North Korea: Grabbing Critical Energy Markets

Published on Sep 2, 2017

There’s coal in them thar hills! The plan for peace in Korea championed by China and agreed on by the United Nations is called the “Iron Silk Road” or the “Trans-Asian Railway Agreement,” writes Caleb Maupin. The idea is to create a train system in southern Korea that would extend into North Korea, through China, through Russia, and into Europe. This would integrate North and South Korea, as well as isolated parts of Siberia, to the world economy, and allow for industrial development and economic cooperation. Despite the agreement for the “Iron Silk Road” being put into force in 2009, the project remains very much on hold in the Korean Peninsula, as threats of war and nuclear tensions hold back development. Wall Street has an obvious motivation for stopping the “Iron Silk Road” which would result in a lot more of the DPRK and China’s coal being placed on international markets, accessible through the new railway line.


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