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People need to know that satanic abuse is real

People who’ve been put through Satanic rituals and who are then brave enough to talk about what they’ve been through, are usually not believed, and are treated as psychiatric patients.  They’ve seen murders, and are traumatised.  Sandra Fecht goes round training medical practitioners that Satanic ritual abuse is real.

Sandra Fecht will be in London at a conference with other experts in Satanic rituals/trauma on the 23rd September weekend.  She is also interested in the spiritual growth of people, and raising the level of human consciousness.  The Illuminati have conned us into not realising we are spiritual beings.

There is extensive interference in our energetic field.  This can be corrected with work, once you are aware that you have energetic fields.  Satanists tie people up in energetic knots.  Use of oils, herbs and so on.  You can make your own connection with spirit.  Spirit will speak to you once you know it’s there, and tell you what you should be doing.

Nathan has been undergoing enormous spiritual growth.  The Illuminati know it’s a spiritual war, which is why they use Satanic techniques to cripple people.  All churches have been infiltrated.  People are misled and bored to death.  Their plan is first to replace God and Christ with freedoms.  Then take away the freedoms and replace that freedom with Lucifer.   Lucifer is being promoted to school children.

There’s the need to create communities with enough spiritual strength to deal with this stuff.

Next interview – we are more energy beings than we are physical beings, but this has been misdirected and hidden.  She was a victim of Satanic ritual abuse.  Once she realised that is what she was, it has enabled her to see her true spiritual nature, and her abuse had given her an opportunity for spiritual growth and realisation of what she was, in her true nature. She could see through the veil, the official world view.  She experienced miraculous healing.  They make us afraid.  They grab our energy and take our freedom.

Crisis wakes us up – created by the Illuminati – and they want to draw us into fear.  we should use the energy instead to travel the other way.  clear up all the negativity that is within yourself.  Raise the level of consciousness.  Remove the dark influences out of your field.  Get back your own sovereignty and soul, and the possibilities become endless.

Next interview – David another victim of Satanic abuse.  As a boy he was made a victim by his Mum and Dad.  He was drugged and put through the cult which he successfully rejected.  He had no idea what was being done to him.  He sought an answer why he was so angry.  He found he had body memories of being sexually abused by his relatives.  he remembered killing small dogs with a knife.  He had a chance to become one of them and he refused.  The cult decided to destroy him.  He was beaten to unconsciousness several times.  No self esteem.  No self confidence.  Could not function in any social situation.  No friend relationships were possible.  It took 53 years to overcome the traumatic experience, mind control he was put through.  hen he found out his mother and father were involved in traumatising him, he was afraid.  Then he turned to God and a thunderbolt of insight hit him.  He read Dr Hawkins books which greatly lifted him.  Healing and spiritual work are one and the same.  He spent 53 years in the pit of the hell in Satanism.  This has enabled him to see the other side so clearly.

He gets harrassed.  He’s had two cars destroyed.  He found he had courage to confront the people who became acquaintances purely to torment him.  Cults and secret societies have penetrated every institution in the US and in the UK.  Police are penetrated.  Honest cops find it hard to believe that so many people in the community are involved in the Satanic cults.  He made sure everyone heard what had happened to him.  He wants people to be aware of the prevalence of the methods being used.  Parents need to be aware of the dangers.  Child pornography is a billion dollar industry.  Pedophiles are everywhere.  They hide, are wolves in sheep’s clothing.  Parents must protect their children.  They must be told what is going on everywhere.

He made sure everyone knew by writing letters.  The media.  Politicians.  No one replied to him.  Not one.  But the attacks stopped.  They have no power over him.  He decided not to be afraid, to face the forces arraigned against him.  They were the people who considered themselves the elite of society.  He turned the God.  That opened the door for his healing.  Then he realised that these people don;t stand  chance as he’s aligned with God.

In the 1980s there was a Satanic panic and the Satanic cults went quieter.  The movement to expose Satanism is gathering pace again, but not fast enough.  The Old Testament is full of descriptions of Satanism.  In the time of Jesus Satanic cults were out in the open.  Now it’s all under cover.

There’s no such thing as false memory syndrome.  It’s a made up term by pedophiles.  Children suppress their memories as they are too painful and make them suicidal.  Like a bad accident.  Severe trauma.

Anne.  PTS(D) – in the medical system.  The effects of trauma in the psychological body is as great as the physical body.  Anne’s father was a psychopath.  She had PST.  People are compelled to recreate their trauma or avoid their trauma.  we medicate but don’t listen to the children who are describing their stories.   Recreating the trauma, acting it out, is a way for children to try to heal themselves of their traumas.

TAP – I asked Nathan what his conference was about when he said he was going to London.  Now I know what it’s all about.  But I still don’t know where the conference is and what time etc.  I’ll keep watching Nathan’s channel to get the information.   Aha!


Fri, 22 Sep 2017, 18:00 –

Sun, 24 Sep 2017, 17:00 BST

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Lecture and workshop in London, Sept. 22-24.…

Sandra Fecht is a psychologist and healer who is trying to shine light on the reality and prevalence of Satanic ritual abuse and teach others how to heal survivors of this kind of trauma.

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