The Brussels Broadcasting Corporation, at it again

An update from the Beeb.

Firstly, if there is a child violation matter, watch out for BBC 5 Live’s Victoria Derbyshire conducting the interview. She’s apparently their go-to for such matters.

Secondly, last night was a climate change-fracking love-in evening on BBC R4. I had intended to listen again, but forgot they now require post codes and various other details to access the listen again service, which we pay £3.7billlion for. I decline to give them so much detail, so I’m not able to listen again to Davis Baddiel. He is the comedian who presents BBC programmes on why ‘yid’ is a rude word to call Spurs fans. They calls us Gunners Gooners, but we have a sense of humour and embrace the slur rather than consent to being poor little victims, as David chooses to be.

Last night he presented ‘David Baddiel Tries To Understand: Fracking’.
He does not. I guess he’s he’s been well and truly programmed by Oxbridge.

‘David asks how it differs from traditional drilling, what kind of gas it produces, and if it is bad for the environment. Speaking to two experts: Francis Egan of fracking company Cuadrilla, and Hannah Martin of Greenpeace, David gets to the bottom of these and other issues.’

TAP, you would have been bemused at the sheer ignorance. They had a member of the Green Party on whom David seemed to persuade fracking was OK after all and then he interviewed Cuadrilla’s Francis Egan who told us fossils break down over thousands of years to create oil and gas. At this point let me include this classic clip of Fletcher Prouty:
The Origins of Oil – falsely defined in 1892:

There was a vague reference to high pressure water releasing the gas from the shale and an equally vague reference to the chemical involved, but it only causes slight earthquakes as experienced in the UK; nothing major to worry about.

Indeed, it’s a pity listen again is not convenient for me, because a full transcript would have been amusing. David and co were either clueless or lying. David, this is Ian R. Crane on fracking, but Ian’s probably an anti-Semitic climate change denier in your book of rules and thus you remain a BBC bimbo.

Ian R Crane Presents ‘FRACKtured FUTURE’ – Part 1 & 2

That programme was followed by Costing The Earth:
Battery Powered Britain
New developments in battery technology are changing the way we power Britain. More efficient, higher capacity batteries expand the range of electric vehicles and allow solar and wind power plants to provide smooth, 24 hour electricity.
Tom Heap is in Cornwall where power companies and local innovators are developing a new battery-powered economic model that could be rolled out to the rest of the UK.
From mining the lithium that makes the batteries to holiday parks producing clean power for the grid Cornwall is leading the way.

… what to say. This was basically further man made climate change propaganda and the on going LIE that Co2 is causing climate change.
May I recommend you buy the DVD collection for Global-Warming; an Inconvenient Lie:

Just imagine if our national public broadcasting service actually provided information such as Ian R. Crane’s on fracking. All things change and you never know what the future might bring.


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