The Art Of The Deal

The Art Of The Deal
Donald J. Trump with Tony Schwartz 1987

Tony, have you left the USA yet? I heard Schwartz being interviewed by the BBC before the 08 Nov 2016 election. He was scathing of Trump and recommended we vote for Clinton.
I have read The Art Of The Deal and come out liking Trump very much. Sure, how do I know, but this is my perception. Tony Schwartz calls Trump an empty vessel, a black hole. What bitter nonsense. I suggest the likes of ex New York mayor Ed Koch were the black holes. Trump shows courage, considers the options, but ultimately thinks and decides for himself. I do not sense anything to do with white supremacy, racism, sexism or the endless labels thrown his way by the BBC, CNN and long line of critical commentators. He gets things done and I would certainly trust his instincts on the welfare and benefit of others far way above the likes of Clinton. Bush, Blair and most other political figures.

Trump describes his parents as “rocks” of stability and moral compass. He has never been an alcohol drinker or smoker. He does not really do relaxing, but then he loves his work and being active.

Schwartz says Trump is “… spectacularly uninformed and ignorant”?
That”s not Trump you silly man. Utter nonsense.
Indeed Schwartz, Trump is intuitive. Trump takes responsibility, makes decisions, detests committees and bureaucracy and keeps his eye on closing the deal and securing the end result, though he will always step back if it is necessary.

“He’s so unpredictable and so emotionally driven…”

Schwartz is still going on about the Trump-Russian collusion. Hey Tony, try Patrick Henningsen:
Hillary’s ‘Russian Hack’ Hoax: The Biggest Lie of This Election Season
Washington Post Sloppy ‘Journalism’ Blames Russia for “Fake News” Crisis and Trump’s Win, While Pushing Neo-McCarthyism

Schwartz is a sycophant chronicler of Trump? No!
Tony Schwartz: ‘If Trump wins I’ll leave US’

What is it like to be Donald Trump’s ghostwriter?
The Eddie Mair Interview
Almost 30 years ago, a book was published entitled The Art of the Deal.
On the cover a large photo of Donald Trump. His surname was in large letters and underneath, as you’d expect, details of the authors: Donald J Trump with Tony Schwartz.
The Art of the Deal was on the New York Times bestseller list for 48 weeks and many commentators say it was instrumental in helping propel Donald Trump from being famous in New York, to being famous across America.
Those commentators include Tony Schwartz – that other name on the front page of the book.
As he tells PM in an exclusive radio interview he regrets ever writing the book and insists that Donald Trump never wrote a word.

Tony Schwartz on Donald Trump

Around p.60-61 Trump talks about a manager of one of his properties, he refers to as Irving. He realises Irving is stealing from him, but Irving is superb at managing. Trump explains how he understands and tolerates people if it suits his needs. At one point Irving avoids getting beaten up by the husband of a woman Irving has been rude to. Trump explains,
“Irving probably saved his own life by showing no fear, and that left a vivid impression on me. You can”t be scared. You do your thing, hold your ground, stand up tall and whatever happens, happens.”

The last page 243 attributes Trump to saying, and remember, this is 1987:
“I admire people who put themselves directly on the line… To me what matters is the doing and giving time is far more valuable than just giving money…
I”m very good at over coming obstacles and motivating good people to do their best work One of the challenges ahead is how to use those skills as successfully in the service of others as I’ve done, up to now, for my own behalf.
Don”t get me wrong, I also plan to keep making deals, big deals, and right round the clock.”


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