The Advancing Corporate Police State meets determined opposition. Join the movement.

Changes in Police behaviour.  The rapidly advancing corporate Police State, where the corporations have precedence over the private citizen, exactly as it is in the United States. Another AV conference (Including the rush to transhumanism) coming up in London.  The human being is to be modified and replaced.  Technology is set to intervene.  Babies are to be chipped.  First your pets.  Then your kids.  Then you.

5G technology and wifi frequencies are the same wavelength as used by US military for crowd control.

Police used to wear a smart human uniform with white shirts and ties.  Now military style helmets, all in black, faces covered.  Intimidating.  Dehumanising.

Fracking policing.  Campaign is peaceful, yet police are adopting gratuitous aggression to force through the corporate agenda.  Also they change the arresting policy every day, so that protesters have no idea when they will be arrested or what for.

See video made by protesters at –

This video will not upload into the post.  Obviously a google block.  Search for –  Gathering Place Films – chilling effects – in youtube search bar and it will come up.

The Police are now automatons, carrying out orders.  Their training is all about violence.  They have no idea how to deal with peaceable demonstrations.  There’s a machismo culture.  Many are high on steroids.  Liaison Officers are merely intelligence gatherers.  Police are trained to use pressure points when arresting to cause maximum pain.  Many are becoming Rambos, much encouraged by the corporations that increasingly pay the Police.  The individual Police are being reframed to believe there is a big risk of violent terrorism everywhere. Opposition to government totalitarian power is being classified as ‘domestic terrorism’.  They are given NLP – neuro-linguistic programming to reframe their mindsets.  Everyone not in uniform is seen as a potential threat, adults, children, all races.  They are put into fear, armed and told everyone is a potential terrorist.

The agenda has come straight out of central government.

Social media is being used to create a better image for the Police.  No community policing effort.  ‘Lipstick on a pig’.  International links between police forces.  In US death by Police one of the leading causes of death.  British Police frustrated they cannot use their firearms.  Zero social conscience.  The Henry Kissinger mindset of the ‘useless eater’.  Public officials that regard you as not really existing.

TAP – Strangely I heard from a good friend that Owen Paterson told her by phone in confidence, that local anti-fracking protesters who lived in his own Constituency were ‘not real people’. Even MPs, it seems are being reframed.  Not just Police.

On the spot sectioning by Police in alliance with mental health staff from hospitals coming your way.

INEOS – case brought to subjugate the Human Rights of demonstrators, and their right to demonstrate dissent.  Freedom of assembly, to peaceful protest are being challenged in court.  Councils too are implementing Public Order Acts to ban protests on any public land, including filming.  The last vestiges of democracy in Britain are being challenged.

Donate to Crowd Justice Fund of Joe ?Corrie, who needs £15,000 to fight this case.  Case coming up in November.  Judge will also hear hear evidence as to why anti-fracking campaign is fastest growing campaign in British history.  This is knife edge stuff.  If even one case is lost, it will be the thin end of the wedge of state imposing its will on the people of this country.  The State is terrified of losing these cases, as it would be the end of their ability to suppress dissent.

Brian Gerrish on Council Tax dissent.  Get to court, fight in a knowledgeable skilful way.  It’s a massive own goal for INEOS.  The sociopaths in INEOS have given the protesters the chance to get information of what is going on in the rush to the corporatist state.  INEOS is a Swiss based company which thinks that every person, every government has its price.  We must show that we cannot be bought.

The movement to stop the totalitarian state needs more and more people to join the movement and support the legal battle being fought by Jo Corrie and Jo Boyd.

Gerrish – Mother wins case showing her kids did not need to be vaccinated.  We can win back our freedoms in court but every inch must be fought over.






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