Strange revelations surrounding recent terror events

NHS warns victims of terror events against revealing what they know to journalists.  They are worried about the truth slipping out inadvertently.

Steven Hawking deception debunked and ridiculed.

This triple set of Youtube videos is well worth watching and listening to.  It explains bow Facebook and other social media are used to control opinion, and deliver political results, whether that be activism or main political events like elections, Trump and Brexit.  If the wrong result happens, and someone is elected who stands against the agenda of big money, they just get the person removed, as with Gough Whitlam in Australia in 1972, who pulled Australia out of the Vietnam War.

Everything you ever say by phone or write online is accessible and tradeable by businesses who want to control you.  It’s well explained.  Not all the internet has been bad for political activism however, and many have realised that the world is not how we were told by accessing material online, or hearing about important books which we then read.

Obviously you only use the net when you need to do so, or make phone calls.  We are living in 1984 now.  It’s just a matter of time before the true nature of power in the world will be seen for what it is.  There could be moments when big money doesn’t succeed as much as it is used to doing in the past.






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  1. emm jay says:

    Thank you for this vid … I’ve only watched 7 mins and it’s really made me lol … I’ve gotta have one of those ‘voice boxes’! Jeez, just up my street humour, hilarious, love it!

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