Set Anti-Fracker Ian R. Crane Free!

UK Column News – 26th September 2017: Joe Lauria On Kurdish Referendum Fallout
Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by journalist Joe Lauria for today’s UK Column News.

Ian Crane Latest
Ian R Crane Arrested for LIVESTREAMING : 25th Sept 2017


Jo Lauria
The Kurdish independence referendum
Israel support independent Kurdish state. Israel divide Arabs states.
Vote by Iraqi Kurds Adds to Tensions:

Russia delivers 10 airstrikes against terrorists in Syria’s Idlib:

US dismiss Korean war allegations
BBC publish further silliness….
Nine charts which tell you all you need to know about North Korea
North Koreans are shorter than South Koreans! Their roads are bad too.

Referendums don’t work unless backed by the government!? Referendums are advisory not binding.

Another day another NATO exercise

More on there being no Brexit. €U UK military unification sign sealed and delivered.

Interpol general assembly – promoting the notion we must merge police intelligence gathering.

Cover the Ted Heath attempt to manage the forth coming story.
Fresh doubt over Heath sex inquiry
Rosie Waterhouse
Rosie is an experienced investigative reporter who has twice worked on the Sunday Times Insight team, the Independent and Independent on Sunday, where she was Investigations Editor, and for BBC Newsnight, where she contributed to a BAFTA for a film revealing how BSE spread through the animal feed chain. She has also worked for the Chester Chronicle, Chester News Service, the Manchester Evening News, the Mail on Sunday and the Daily Telegraph and contributed a series of articles for Private Eye on the Satanic Panic. Until recently (August 31 2016) she was a senior lecturer and Director of the MA in Investigative Journalism at City University London. She is now working as a freelance journalist.

Terms and conditions to be set before you are ‘allowed’ to demonstrate.

Grenfell Tower.
Matt Wrack
Grenfell Tower fire is a ‘crime’ that should topple the government, says Fire Brigade Union chief


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