Punish Al-Gore-Rythm Deniers

Al-Gore-Rhythms are used by BookFace, Google, Twatter et al to divert you from sensible information whether Trump or climate change and I like the term… English humour I ‘spose.

Calls to punish skeptics rise with links to climate change, hurricanes
Climate Alarmists Want to Punish Those Who Do Not Agree with Them
“In the wake of hurricanes Harvey and Irma, many climate alarmists, including journalists from the Outline and the Nation, are calling for the punishment and imprisonment of climate ‘deniers’. Judith Curry, a retired Georgia Tech professor, argued that Irma, which hit Florida as a Category 4 hurricane on Saturday, was not related to global warming. Marc Morano of Climate Depot says that the increase in vitriol is a sign that the global warming narrative is losing steam.  He says the warming theory is increasingly challenged by record numbers of polar bears, no acceleration of sea level, the absence of temperature rise, no increase in extreme weather, and public loss of interest in the topic. -GEG”

The 3869th time I’ve posted this by Jim Lee:
Geoengineering, Weather Modification, and Weaponizing Nature


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