Police act to promote crime

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The crime of ecocide.  This is North Yorkshire where Police act for Third Energy.  Police block the road while arresting people who are not blocking the road for blocking the road.  See if you can work it out.



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  1. Sunny says:

    How The Lawyers Destroyed American Society …and Corporate Attorneys Have Devastated The Civilization!!! 😮

    ….just sharing

    • Tapestry says:

      Thanks for share. Hopefully the UK lawyers/judges will not permit the right to protest peacefully to be abolished, as Third Energy/Ineos are demanding. The Police are already complying with this although the law has not been changed. A case is being brought by anti-fracking campaigners to overturn the request by the frackers for the right to protest peacefully to be ended. Follow the Kirby Misperton community bulletins for updates on the legal battle which is taking place alongside the physical battle in the field. Ian Crane was assaulted and battered by a so-called Police officer while protesting peacefully. That is a crime and an action which gives way to a claim for compensation. The ‘officer’ should be made to answer for his actions in a criminal court. If they wish to arrest people, wrongly as it turns out, they are not entitled to deliberately inflict pain, and push people to the ground, or into ditches, as the first thing they do. It’s no different to the behaviour of school ground bullies, yet this is far more serious. How can the Police keep face with society if they allow common uneducated thugs to take over their actions and represent them to the public? The TV cop shows where the cops are always the good guys are a complete waste of money, if the real cops can’t even act out the role, and pretend they are not the criminals. The demonic nature of Police, their Freemasonic controllers and their Satanic methods have to be met with resistance on all fronts, including the spiritual. Whoever is your God, pray that we will not be defeated by these brutes. Have them delivered from their possession by evil, and make them able to see another better world, than the nightmare they’ve been channelled and programmed to believe they are living within.

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