2 Responses to “Parsons Green. Injured were hurt in stampede, not by bomb. Daily Mail lied.”

  1. Gordon says:

    Haven’t listened to the video as yet but I can tell you when I saw that redhead girl being walked down the street by a police woman I couldn’t help but laugh. What a joke! If this was supposed to be a jaw injury she was talking as normal. If it was meant to be a head injury then where is the blood.

    Personally, I thing the bucket bomb was on someones bucket list to play the fool with Londoners.

    • archer says:

      I know – I thought exactly the same about this redhead lady. If that was a recent burn, I also doubt that it would be bound tightly with a dry gauze bandage like so…

      What about the fat bloke with a beard on the BBC showing the singed hair on his bonce – no burns, just a few lost hairs (although looks like he’s receding anyway). I’ve had worse injuries lighting a fag.

      I honestly think this was a test of the public – to see if they’d swallow this tripe… looks like most did, sadly.

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