Parsons Green Bucket To UK Police Gun Ho!

The military Afghanistan drug trade, armed UK police shoot to kill and Ted Heath is innocent because the establishment cannot admit otherwise… another day of NATO exercises.

UK Column News – 27th September 2017
Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with today’s news update from the UK Column.

Afghanistan. Rockets fired at airport at NATO’s Stoltenberg and Matis arrived.
No mention of Afghani drug trade
UK pumping a further £billion and troops in.
World drugs report? Areas controlled by British and banking sector peacekeeping for heroin.

Welsh common law not common anymore.
English Law Week 2017:

Right to life under threat following Parsons Green bucket no bombing incident
Armed police shoot dead driver after firing ‘up to ten times’ through car window in dramatic M5 chase
UK police becoming thuggish….

Interpol General Assembly. Palestine membership approved.
Interpol Votes to Accept ‘State of Palestine’ as Member Country

Edward Heath
Edward Heath: police delayed Conifer report to avoid overshadowing Tory conference

Ijzerwake (Wake of Iron): Highlights from Flemish Cultural Festival
The bankers want Islam in Belgium to destroy Christianity.
“I want real mufti-culturalism”

The House of Saxe-Coburg initiated borth world wars

US public burning NFL football shirts in support of Trump
✅ 9/24 Fans are Burning their NFL Season Tickets on Social Media #DNN
The End of NFL Football?

As synthetic CDOs roar back, a young Citi trader makes her name
Banking Rules Have Improved. Just Not Enough.

Brexit without the exit.
Emmanuel Macron says Britain could return to ‘reformed, simplified’ EU

€U funding tentacles:
Full STEAM ahead – European Researchers’ Night

Labour Conference
Corbyn the anti-Semite rhetoric continues…

More BBC story telling….
The city fit for no-one
Inside the ruined ‘capital’ of the Islamic State group
The merging and blurring of real facts with fiction. The marketing of news and story telling.


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